Classic Novels Turned Chick-Lit

Some of our friends have been getting pushback from their editors that their manuscripts could be a little bit more “chick lit.” That’s sort of like Picasso presenting ‘The Old Guitarist’ and being told “more pink! And put a cupcake in it!” But then, cupcakes are delightful. So here are some classic novels we made a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter, a little bit more “chick-lit”.

(Thanks to the phenomenal Rex Chatterjee for his amazing photoshop skills).

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    • Anna

      Prada and Prejudice is a real book already.

      • Jennifer Wright

        That is terrifying.

      • Tina K

        Prada and Prejudice is the TITLE of a book; the oh so funny (not – and just as stale as the “not” joke) mash-up listed here is not a real book. Just to be clear, as obviously the readers and perpetrators of this site mistake sophomoric snark for sophisticated cultured banter.

        Meanwhile, the authors of real chick lit books – a term, by the way, as outdated as the “not” joke and this article – are laughing to the bank as women’s fiction and romance are the one sector of the book industry that actually is performing above water these days.

        Not that I would expect this blog to understand nuances and, y’know, OMG BUSINESS.

        Now back to your coverage of, like, the WORST PROM DRESSES EVAH!!3!

      • Dan

        Tina, given the totally incoherent nature of your comment, I’m going to guess you won’t be laughing your way to the bank any time soon.

      • B

        Don’t be too harsh Dan. It’s hard for Tina to get the jokes when she only reads Sophie Kinsella.

    • Anna

      Oh man, the terrifying-est part is the synopsis, which reveals that the book involves TIME TRAVEL TO JANE AUSTEN TIMES.

    • Lindsay Cross

      This whole thing is kind of terrifying. Some publisher is sitting around going, “Hey, that’s catchy!’

    • Tina K

      Ooo, way to try to turn my comment back on itself! Sorry, Dan and B, perhaps you should stick to reading about Celebrity Fashion at Coachella and voting for the Worst Prom Dress Ever. Reading books – regardless of genre – is obviously way above your Stanford-Binet score.

      • j

        Stanford-Binet? You’re a troll, aren’t you?

    • oja

      I find the very fact that “chick lit” exists at all kind of offensive; it implies that my “girl brain” can’t possibly appreciate regular liturature, so I need special “girl books” that focus more on “girly” things like fashion and dieting and finger nail polish because, unless a story contains cliched gender specific content, my “girl brain” can’t pissibly latch onto it.
      “Honestly, I can’t understand even the most basic philosophical concept unless it’s filtered through a metaphor about shopping or going to the salon.” *gag*

      • oja

        sorry “possibly latch onto it”