Design: Kate Henri Throw Pillows

My fiancé likes to mock me for my obsession with throw pillows. “They are completely useless,” he’ll say. “They serve no purpose, and you have to take them off the bed every night.”

Touché. And indeed, that might be true. But guess what? I will never stop buying them. I fucking love throw pillows. It’s me and the throw pillows against the world!

And these, I might add, are particularly lovely. They’re by designer Robyn Berg (a.k.a. Kate Henri), and are made of 100% organic wool. I very much enjoy the Native American inspiration, and the neutral colors with a splash of brightness. Brava.

Build a Nest, $140.00

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    • Rachel

      Not only are these pillows really lovely, purchasing them through supports a really fantastic non-profit, Nest, that provides women in developing countries with interest-free micro finance loans to start small businesses and a market to sell their products.

      Cute throw pillows and lady power? Epic win.

    • Cheryl

      Even for a good cause, $140 for one small pillow seems steep to me. You could learn how to knit and make your own, if you wanted to, for a fraction of the price. It’ll take a while to do, but there’s something very decadent about snuggling with something you made yourself.

      If you’re interested, has great tutorials to learn knitting and (it’s like Facebook…for knitters) has tons of patterns that you can browse through. You can even refine your search to only include free patterns! The needles aren’t terribly expensive and in New York, I bet you could find a bunch of them cheap in thrift stores: my mom once spent $5 and came home with a needle case containing at least 20 pairs of needles in varying sizes. And that was in Wyoming. :)