If You Love (Or Hate!) Kate Middleton You’ll Love This

I’m all about Kate for the win, but, let’s be honest, I also love Ghengis Khan because he wore a funny, furry hat. Kate’s hats are so much prettier than his! But whether you love her (because her hair is so bouncy!) or hate her (because you’re jealous, just mean and jealous) you’ll probably enjoy Kate Middleton For The Win. Here are some of our favorite slides, click here to see the full set.

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    • Hannah Beth

      So I accidentally (really, it was an accident) watched Lifetime’s “William and Kate” last night. It was HORRIBLE. There were lines like, “I like Monet and Cezanne. I like the way they play with the light,” etc. Anyway, worst movie ever, but I like Kate. Real Kate. Not fake movie Kate.

    • gdog

      This morning a ‘New Idea: Special Wedding Collectors Series’ magazine was attached to the normal New Idea, and I was like, pfffft who would read that?! And then I read it cover to cover in 10 minutes.

      I love Kate.

    • Jamie B

      I like her. She’s so darn pretty in a “normal” way that I just can’t hate her. Maybe if William was as hot as he was 10 years ago I would be jealous, but I’m just happy for her, lol. I wish I were British so I’d have a reason to want her to be a role model. I hope she takes her opportunity as a woman in the spotlight to show the world (and particularly little girls) how to be an awesome, strong, beautiful, intelligent woman.

    • theComplex

      I was expecting to be amused but these aren’t very funny or witty.