Gallery: Celebrity Fashion At Coachella

The annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival occurred this past weekend. Coachella seems like a really great way to spend three days, if you love portable toilets, B-List celebrities trying to look “with it” and bands that haven’t been cool for a few years. Also, does anyone actually like outdoor music festivals*? However, if you’re bummed about missing the chance to bodycheck your way through an almost-gelatinous cloud of pot smoke so you could be just 100 yards away from Kings of Leon, here’s a gallery of some mildly famous people dressed for the weather…. to… ease… your pain?

It is nice that they put the word “Arts” in the title, though.

*Or direct sunlight?

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    • Karen

      Okay. Everyone can now scrub any thought in their heads that Carrot Top in any way makes one conjure thoughts of Sean White. Sean is lookin good, eh! Yum!

    • oja

      What really pisses me off?
      All that shit they were wearing that looks like they could have gotten it from Good Will or dug it out of their hippie grandmothers attic probably costs more than I paid for my first car.

    • Jon

      Ugh. Cannot stand Vanessa H.

    • Chelsea

      Is Tara Reid seriously wearing Uggs at Coachella? According to my neighbor who made the drive over, it was 95 in the desert this weekend. Her feet must have smelled great.

    • Morgan

      I have an irrational hatred for Vanessa Hudgens… I can’t even.

    • Japon

      Paris looks like she’s trying to be Nicole Richie.