Shopping Guide: Fictional Accessories And Where To Find Them

Books/myths have a lot to offer fashion-wise for an entertainment that is almost entirely non-visual. Here are my top picks for fictional accessories, as well as some more realistic manifestations.

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    • Jen

      The Herme’s shoes really exist, they’re sneakers but they’re real!

    • August S.

      Holly Golightly’s sunglasses are a hotly debated topic. Although most people think they’re Ray Ban Wayfarers, Wayfarers of the era had much smaller frames and thiner lenses. Oliver Goldsmith designed Audrey Hepburn’s “bubble” sunglasses for How to Steal a Million, and most sources credit him with the iconic sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s too.
      The more you know…! (..the more annoying you are when the topic comes up at cocktail parties, or on the internet [which is sort of like a cocktail party, I guess, only with less cocktails and more cats] )

    • Barbara

      I cannot believe you left out the Point-of-View gun from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Awesome thing, that.