Vote: Who Is Your Favorite Bad Young Lady?

Charles T. Epps, The New Jersey Schools Superintendent, recently said ““Our worst enemy is the young ladies. The young girls are bad. I don’t know what they’re drinking today, but they’re bad.” They’re most likely drinking approximately the same thing they’ve always drank (peach schnapps!) But, how are they being bad? And how should they be bad? We turn to some classic examples. Pick the baddest young lady of them all:

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    • Kait

      But the Mean Girls wear pink on Wednesdays, not Fridays! (Sad that I know that…?)

      • Carly

        YES! That was my first thought too.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Oh, god, you’re right! No wonder they never let me in the clique.

    • epilonious

      Calpernia Addams. Wednesday Addams is a close second, maybe when she grows up and pushes Calpernia down the stairs.

    • curlysarah29

      There have always been bad/mean girls in school, but I swear – the girls have gotten even meaner. They’re meaner, they’re more (sexually) advanced, they seem to not really care about each other. Having been a teacher in all grade-level schools, it was shocking to me to see how young the mean-ness starts… 2nd grade?!

    • ashley

      What about those bitches from Jawbreaker? Hello, killed their best friend and tried to blame it on Marilyn Manson, then Rose McGowan has the most amazing walk of shame at the Prom, thanks to a crafty Rebecca Gayheart and her recordable birthday card. Total mean girl archetypal stuff here, people!

    • ellie

      wait…Kathryn from cruel intentions doesn’t get a look in?