Why Are The People In Colorado So Skinny?

Or, I guess what I really mean is, how are they not as cripplingly obese as the rest of us? What are they doing right? Oh, and this is my question because I can’t begin to understand why we’ve universally gained weight in a 10 year period. Chipotle? Yeah, probably that.

So, here are some theories I have about people in Colorado:

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    • Melissa

      I can’t speak for FoCo or Denver, but I recently spent some time in Colorado Springs and from what I noticed, the women generally aren’t in good shape, The men definitely are, though. Might just be that Colorado Springs is a serious military town (3 or 4 bases, plus the Air Force Academy, plus NORAD), and the US Olympic Training HQ is located there. Great place to be a single girl… the guys are in great shape & the male-to-female ratio is superb lol

    • August S.

      I’ve had three personal trainers move to Colorado. THREE.
      Clearly they are giving secret tax incentives to fit people and those who encourage fitness. Stupid trainer-stealing Coloradians.

      • Andrew

        no, they’re moving there cause coloradans need it.. they have NO muscle.

    • Karen

      I LIVE IN COLORADO!!!! Haha, suckers! I’m so skinny! You will never know our secret. Okay, it’s sex at altitude, if you must know. It burns, like 8,000 calories. This is utopia.

      • yasmine

        this comment made me chuckle : )

      • Andrew

        And drugs.

    • Hannah Beth

      Colorado should hire you to make brochures and come-to-Colorado-commercials. Because I feel like you just invited me to heaven.

    • Dove

      I think it’s probably because so many athletes train there, and the population isn’t huge, so it skews fit. As Melissa said the US Olympic training center is there, and many other athletes (marathon runners, ironmen, etc.) train there. I’d say the general population is about as fit as anywhere on a coast.

      • kjon

        Uhm just fyi & not to be a total jerk but the population in Colorado is not that low at all! Its 22/50 in terms of highest population but its one of the fastest growing populations in the country. Skew has nothing to do with it, girl. Obesity is basically non-existent here for real.

      • Dove

        All I meant was that Colorado people seem about the same as people in New York and Massachusetts and California and they have a ton of professional and non-professional athletes. Obesity obviously isn’t almost nonexistent because it is still 15-19% of the population, just below the coastal states I mentioned at 20-24%. Coast probably wasn’t the best word, I just meant the population centers on the east and west coasts.

        I said the population “isn’t huge,” which of course it isn’t – 22/50 is squarely in the middle. Not low, not high.

      • kjon

        I’m sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you meant that the low population plus the US Olympic Training Center being here would be enough to skew the results and I just wanted to say that the population is not low enough for that to make sense.
        Of course obesity exists here (for real :P) Sorry about that!

    • kjon

      Colorado is just a great place to live for active, thin people! The altitude makes workouts more effective, the weather is usually pretty good and the lifestyle in general is different (even from Californians whom we are constantly compared to). I think we place a MUCH higher value on living well, in terms of health and fitness, than other states. For women, I think we are more ‘natural’ beauties with down to earth attitudes – blatant plastic surgery or overdone hair/makeup is not a real Colorado girl at heart. A little side joke: we smoke 420 instead of drinking tons of alcohol; those are empty calories, ladies!

      • Melissa

        Altitude doesn’t make workouts more “effective”. Training (and by training, I mean professional athletes training, not someone’s 3x a week workout at the gym) at high altitudes is done in order to get the athlete acclimatized to training with less oxygen, so when he/she returns to sea level, performance levels are higher. Working out at a high altitude will not burn more calories, build more muscle mass, or be more “effective” in any other way.

      • kjon

        Actually ‘effective’ is the word I meant to use because working out in high altitude increases lung capacity and eventually makes you better able to absorb oxygen and transfer it to muscle tissues.
        It’s funny that you said that as well, yet you don’t think ‘effective’ is the right word choice. I never said specifically what I meant by ‘effective’ — you just made the assumption.
        Don’t get hung up on word choice – just ask what I meant!

      • kjon

        Side joke: According to Karen, sex at altitude burns more calories! GET HER!!!

      • Melissa

        Actually, “effective” probably isn’t the word you meant to use. Especially since working out at a high altitude isn’t any more “effective” than working out at sea level. Interestingly enough, it also doesn’t increase lung capacity or make you “better able” to absorb oxygen and transfer it to muscle. However, feel free to link me to some (peer-reviewed) literature that proves your point.

        And trust me, I’m not hung up on semantics. Altitude doesn’t make workouts better/more effective/magical.

      • kjon

        Ok, you’re very insistent about that ONE word but you can forget the peer-reviewed article because, frankly, that’s ridiculously inane. I did go to altitude.org and found this:
        “Many of the changes that occur with acclimatisation improve the delivery of oxygen to the muscles -the theory being that more oxygen will lead to better performance.” (Altitude.org)
        Their “authors” section states this:
        “Altitude.org is written and run by qualified doctors.”
        Sorry its not a peer-reviewed journal article but I think an organization of doctors dedicated to high-atitude education would know more than, say, you would.
        When did I say working out in high altitude is “magical” though or even “better”?

        Your leaping assumptions are pretty magical.

      • kjon

        “Frankly, this isn’t something most people can do all the time but it’s a well known fact that runners who are serious will train for a time period at higher altitudes before a race. Their lung capacity will be larger at higher altitudes because there is less pressure from the atmosphere.” (healthguidance.org)
        Not that it even matters anyway.

        I read this blog because it’s funny. Of all the things I (and others) have wrote that could be false, misinterpreted and/or offensive, I’m just surprised you picked that word. I suppose words such as “effective” “magical” and “better” can connote a personal opinion, so I should have made that more clear even if I never used two of those words.

        You’re correct in that the overall effectiveness of altitude training is controversial and just a theory but that doesn’t make it false to the degree that you claim. Some of the “effects” are temporary upon returning to sea level but there are effects nonetheless.

      • Andrew

        ok… as far as the 420… yes… coloradans are all druggies.. and I lived in Colorado for a few months and never met anyone who actually worked out… everyone else in the US could snap any Coloradan in half like a twig. The thing is, the ones that work out are out rock climbing, or snow boarding so you won’t see them much… then the 80% of them who don’t work out suck their fat away with their pot… so while some coloradans are just really active.. I don’t think that’s what you can accredit the skinniness to

    • Alison

      I’m surprised that no one commented on this yet, and perhaps the author was being facetious, but Chipotle is a Colorado-born company. It only became nationwide when McDonald’s became its largest investor in 1998.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I hear that sometimes the author likes to play a little game called “semi-funny private jokes with herself” that she never expects anyone else to get, ever. She’s weird, lonely. Well spotted!

      • EmBee

        I am a native Coloradoan, and shhh don’t tell anyone but that was our master plan… Unleash Chipotle upon the world and reap the benefits! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

    • TNK

      Its getting worse here. Many people are not in good shape, but it highly depends on where you live. We live in a lower income town and there is a LOT of obesity. Head to Boulder, higher incomes and less obesity.