Fashion People Are ‘Extremely Bitchy,’ Notices Director Of Panned Fashion Film

Director Indira Cesarine made a short film for XXXX magazine #3 entitled ‘The Crush.’ The clip stars fashion progeny Julia Restoin Roitfeld and her boyfriend Robert Konjic being beautiful and glamorous and kissing under red lights and ends with fashion credits.  Although a Roitfeld’s involvement usually guarantees some positive feedback, the fashion press has apparently been quite scathing. Says Cesarine:

“Apparently my short fashion film with Julia Roitfeld is an absolute horror, and I should commit fashion suicide before making another film – what do you think? have I dug my own grave daring to try to be a director, or are they just being extremely bitchy? maybe it’s time to become a happy housewife and forget about this ***%$%^#$%^ business…”

I mean, yeah, fashion people can be extremely bitchy. That’s just true. But short films can also be pointless and vapid.

You make the call.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Um, if those horrible, meanies called this short film “intensely dull and the most bored I’ve ever been watching beautiful people,” than the critique was well deserved.

    • Hannah Beth

      I don’t know how they criticized her, and they may have gone overboard and personal… but this film is kind of pointless. I think she should just accept that the film didn’t go over well, learn, and create something better.

    • Sam Cranford

      I think people have been slightly unfair about the film and taken it way too seriously. Although I would have to say I much prefer some of Cesarine’s other work: