Shark Socks?

Ignore the fact that American Apparel will be using this girl as a model in approximately one week and just focus on her shark socks. Would you wear these? Do you want be her chum?

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    • Jamie

      YOU SLAY ME!
      Also: this girl is not nearly “natural” looking enough to model for aa…she could certainly be an SG though.

    • Amanda

      I disagree with the title of this article. It shouldn’t be “Shark Socks?” it should be “Shark Socks!!!”

    • Meghan


    • G

      Those are badass. Because , I mean, getting eaten by a shark is badass. You see the logic here?

    • sheherbano

      i love them. also, she has lovely legs. and is very cute. and i like her ink.

    • Nessy

      Heh…”NOM, NOM, NOM! I eat your legs!”

    • Laura

      Yes please.

    • Hannah Beth

      Can you imagine kicking someone with those on? Yes, I would wear them.