Would You Wear: Sneaker Wedges

Bebe Fall '11

The correct response is “no.”

WWD posted a trend piece this morning on… sneaker wedges. Here is what they said:

Sneakers and wedges have gone one-on-one for fall ’11. Blending classic court style with fashion-forward wedges, women’s brands have given embellished leather sandals, buckled-up booties and mesh slip-ons a sporty edge. Game on.

No. No! Game critically not on. I knew a girl once who had these high heeled Chuck Taylor-looking things and they gave me stress-induced nightmares. But a wedge? How could they make a heeled sneaker more heinous?

Ash Fall '11

Please tell me if I’m wrong about this. If so, however, please tell me how one might style a sneaker wedge.

Upper Echelon Fall '11

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    • Hannah Beth

      Hideous. Looks like something a Real Housewife would wear with a Juicy tracksuit.

    • Hannah Beth

      Wait! People probably wear these with REALLY long pants so they can appear casual but still have the long/lean legs and little butt wearing heels gives you. Still no.

    • Faith

      I absolutely love them! As far as styling goes… The same way as a regular sneaker?