Poll: Would You Marry A Royal?

As you may have heard, a certain British royal will be getting hitched to a certain former commoner this month (hint: it’s Prince William and Kate Middleton). All the hullabaloo surrounding the upcoming nuptials  has inspired much curiosity and a number of blog posts on my part, but at the end of the day, I have to wonder whether it would actually be cool to marry a prince or not.

I’d say that straight out of the gate, there are some concerns. First of all, we all know how that turned out for the last commoner-turned-princess. I’m sorry to be crass, but it had to be said. Second of all, I don’t think that I have the discipline to act like a royal. You’ll note that Middleton never does anything awkward, anything at all. No inappropriate humor, no self-deprecation, not a single night of binge drinking and strip clubs. Not to mention the fact that she always knows what hat to wear.

Don’t get me wrong — there are some pretty awesome things about suddenly becoming royalty. The immediate wealth, for instance. The access to the world’s best parties, and your picture in Vanity Fair. Having the most watched wedding of the past three decades. But at the end of the day, I think it would be too much pressure to be someone I’m not. I’d crack like an egg. One day, I would just fucking make the fart joke. And that would be the end of my reign, anyway.

So on that note, sorry boys — this catch of a blogger is not interested.

What about you?

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    • Lindsey

      Not even for love. I’m an American! The concept of royalty is outdated and somewhat insulting. Just no. No. No.

    • Eileen

      Who did you mean by “the last commoner-turned-princess”? Lady Diana Spencer was the daughter of an earl, so she doesn’t really count. Sarah Ferguson was a commoner, technically, although she had a bunch of aristocratic ancestors. Sophie Rhys-Jones was a commoner, and of the queen’s three daughters-in-law (not counting Camilla, also a commoner and apparently pretty happy in her marriage), she seems to be the happiest and best-adjusted.

      I probably wouldn’t, though, because a) I want to keep my American citizenship and b) I’m not a Roman Catholic but you’re sure as hell not going to tell me that by law I CAN’T be a Roman Catholic. Plus I don’t like hats and am not really a fan of having my picture taken. Kate Middleton does seem to go out drinking a fair amount, though, so I don’t think you’d have to give up booze.

    • Arnie

      He’d have to be pretty spectacular, I would think. I’ve already got a British passport, so as long as I was able to keep my dual citizenship that side of things would be fine. But I’d also have to give up on my career in air traffic control, which would be very hard. And I don’t do formal occasions very well. Or photos. Or avoiding rude jokes. Or heels and dresses… So I’d definitely have to be completely madly in love.

    • Cynthia

      Heck no. I don’t want to give up my freedom. If I were a non-royal celeb, I can still make “dumb mistakes” under the watch of paparazzi. Can’t do that if you’re a royal.

    • Pris

      I’ve once been dating a “prince” from an old German aristocratic family. The knowledge of being with someone who can call himself a prince is not really exciting per se, as this is quickly forgotten in day-to-day life. What was really interesting was that he and his noble friends were different in some ways (cuffs everyday, a GIGANTIC network…). It’s a completely different world most of us can’t think of.
      What was quite annoying and inspiring at the same time was his simple understanding of family and heritage. He was away almost every weekend to get trained in forestry, to visit his family or he had to look after the castle (not kidding!). It was a completely different perspective for me, with all those receptions and weddings and tuxedos… The other side of the coin was that he was literally a little prince- mummy’s little prince! So this is what acutally doesn’t make me feel sad about the end of it, as I am happy that I don’t have to live up to expectations of “society” every weekend and that I now have found a man who knows how to use a cooktop (which “my” prince didn’t know after having been in the flat for 3 yrs by then…) Even though the possibility of becoming a princess was quite seductive, I have to say;-)