Gallery: How To Be A Good Houseguest

Recently, we pontificated upon the many things that houseguests can do to irritate the fuck out of you. For instance, finishing the milk and not replacing it, or pulling some hippie bullshit by not telling you when they’re going to arrive or leave.

Today, we’d like to make some suggestions as to how to be a good houseguest. I think you’ll find that it doesn’t take much:

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    • Dove

      CANNOT AGREE MORE. These are all great tips. I always try to go off on my own for a bit, and I always appreciate it when others do the same.

      Also, you have exactly the right tone about “offering to pay” and “doing the dishes one night” because I hate it when guests try to be the maid. It makes me feel like either my place is a dump and they are compelled to clean or I have to clean the instant there is a mess for fear of them doing it.

      My mother in law basically acts like we are her guests when she stays with us(cleans everything, insists on cooking or buying dinner EVERY night,etc) and it makes me insane.

      • Goldie

        I think the key about cleaning is to cleanup only after yourself or a mess you enjoyed/took part in. Doing the dishes is a great gesture– reorganizing the linen closet or scrubbing the toilet, not so much.