Poll: Would More Female Writers Make You More Likely To Watch A Show?

Here’s the thing – I never watch Chelsea Handler. It’s not surprising to me that she has the highest number of female writers, and I’m happy about that. But, even as a woman who wants to see more female writers employed, the information doesn’t impact my actual viewing preferences. I’m still going to keep watching The Daily Show with their 2 female writers because I need to regurgitate all their jokes like a vomitous baby eagle if I’m ever in situations where I have to talk about politics. The information makes me think more highly of Chelsea Handler, but it won’t make me watch the show (because I have limited time to watch shows). But maybe it makes a difference to some people? I sort of hope it does, because I’d like to believe that there’s some incentive for shows to hire more female writers.

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    • Eileen

      I don’t watch much TV at all, and I never watch Chelsea Handler because I think she’s mean and unfunny. I’m glad that she hires women, but when it comes to watching late-night television, your ability to be funny is most important. On scripted television, though, I do like shows with a lot of female writers because I think they usually do a better job of creating female characters with some depth and personality to them.

    • Meghan

      I’m all in favor of supporting women, but that’s not as important as say, the content of their shows. That’s the same as saying “You’re a woman, you should vote for Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann and buy Ann Coulter’s books etc etc”. It kind of flies in the face of equality, judging someone based solely on their gender and not on theirs views, or abilities, and individual qualities.

    • Heidi

      None of the poll options really cover my opinions. I won’t watch something I don’t like just because there are women involved, but if there are two shows I like equally, I’m more likely to support the one with more women involved by buying merch, tuning into that one live and tivo’ing the other, etc.

      And if I know a show is a shitty environment for women (or any other minorities) I will probably give it a pass even if I like it.

      • Lindsay Cross

        I have to agree with Heidi. I won’t support something that I don’t like, simply because a woman is involved. You better believe that I’ll never buy anything from Ann Coulter!

        But…. if it’s something I already like and I know that it supports and promotes women, I think I feel a little more invested. It makes me want to support a show, whether its with viewing time (which is precious) or merchandise.

        And if a show is discriminatory or unfair, there’s nothing it could do to make me watch it.

    • Courtney

      I agree with Eileen. While I think it’s great that Chelsea Handler is hiring a lot of female writers, I don’t watch her show because I think it sucks. She’s not very funny on television (her books aren’t bad) and if I’m going to watch late night TV I want to feel like I’m gaining something. Hence, The Daily Show offers silver fox, Jon Stewart and British god, John Oliver. Who are both hilarious and fun to ogle at.

    • Charley

      This is going to sound horribly sexist, but I tend to shy away from female writer/comedians because in my – limited – exposure to their routines, they always seem to revolve around menstrual cycles, childbearing and other topics that seem uncouth and foul. When I say this, I am thinking of comedians the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Chelsea Handler and Rosie O’Donnell. I might also think something a man says is crude (think: Daniel Tosh, of Tosh.0 fame) but I can more easily dismiss it in my head as immaturity or ignorance. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned? (Also, please note that I am a woman. I know the name can throw people off.)

    • nicole

      gotta say, I love chelsea handler, both chelsea lately and after lately. after lately prominently features the women writers and they are all hilarious, so it’s not just her I love, but the whole apparatus of the show. she can be really mean, but i appreciate it as a take on women as bosses/leaders/headliners. But I definitely cut her more slack than, for example, daniel tosh, not only because i think she is funny and she has an eye on comedy as a cultural tool, but also because she’s the only woman on that whole freaking list of late-night talking heads. I stopped watching daily show, bill maher, etc etc because their discussion of women and feminism makes me uncomfortable. so basically… yes I do give more of a chance to a show with more female writers– I also agree with eileen that female writers can produce higher quality.