Marchesa’s Next Designer Collaboration Is… With Playboy

Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig have long been known for their delicate, feminine, frothy creations that blossom on every red carpet from Hollywood to London. I half suspect that when a movie opens big, its lead actress receives a lifetime supply of Marchesa dresses or something because they account for roughly 30% of dresses I see on famous women.

Anyway, now the ladies of Marchesa are taking on the iconic Playboy Bunny design: that stiff, shiny black one-piece associated with the brand’s golden age. To celebrate the launch of the Playboy London club, they’ve done a one-off version of the suit and by the looks of the sketch, it’s a big improvement. Say the ladies:

“We’ve taken our inspiration from the original costume but added Marchesa’s signature details, such as hand draping and embroidery, while staying true to the Playboy Bunny’s classic corset silhouette. The result is a modern, yet feminine interpretation of this legendary look.”

So what do you think? Is it DIY Halloween costume-worthy or… still a Playboy Bunny costume?


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    • Hannah Beth

      I kind of wish this weren’t happening. But I suppose with the decline of print journalism something’s gotta vamp up (heh) the whole thing. I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful design. It’ll certainly look different on a playboy model than it would on someone Marchesa usually uses.

    • Stacey F.

      Georgina Chapman is Married to Harvey Weinstein, co-founder and chairman of Miramax films. Go figure why all those actresses are wearing Marchesa.

    • Dove

      I was thinking the same kind of thing as Hannah Beth – all of the extra ruffles, etc. on the new look will look quite different on a 22 year old with an ass and tits than it will on a size 0 16 year old. .. will probably be more beautiful of a design but maybe not as sleek and sexy as the original.