Weird Retro Bra Ads (Sometimes With Farm Animals!)

Do you like to wrestle with farm animals while scantily clad? WE DO. Bra ads are always kind of awkward – especially since every Victoria’s Secret ad seems to indicate that their bra will make you sprout wings and strut, just strut like some kind of fake-winged banshee – but these retro ones? These ones are special. Even uplifting! Or downlifting, maybe!

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    • Lurkeress

      I’ve never seen one of these, but Bill Bryson wrote about them in “Notes from a Big Country”. I have to agree with him – they are pretty damn cool.

    • MartMNS

      Hmm?? You make it sound as though there’s something really weird and perverted about the idea of combining farm animals and lingerie. Ok, there is something really weird and perverted about combining the two…..but just not to most of the population of the so-called Red States” where “men are men and the livestock are nervous” so to speak. :)