Real Talk: Who Is Your Favorite Princess?

Spoiler: the correct answer is Leia. But I asked people anyway so you could see how much better she is compared to their other, wrong answers.


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    • Eileen

      Catherine de Medicis.


      Because she was an Italian teenager of merchant-class parents (hey, the Medici were RICH, but they weren’t noble) who married the French dauphin and went on to become one of the most powerful queens of France ever. After her husband died, when her sons were kings? She was totally in charge. Despite the fact that she was a foreign-born woman, she was the regent when her nine-year-old son, Charles IX, became king of France. That’s badass. And she did a pretty decent job of navigating France through the Wars of Religion, at least until it all blew up in everyone’s face.

    • Ona

      I’m not sure what research Poppy was doing, but there’s no historical evidence to prove that Cleopatra was intimate with anyone other than Cesar and Marc Anthony. Her sexual appetites were overblown, meant to reinforce her otherness, and likely generated by those hoping to discredit her, her reign in Egypt, and any claims she might have had to the Roman empire.

    • Ellen W.

      When I was growing up my two favorite princesses were: Leia (naturally) and She-Ra. My princesses kicked ass. I still think the job of princess means you fight to make the world better. I really dislike the modern princess idea that implies that being a princess means you get whatever you want!

    • Hannah Beth

      “Nala is a great princess because she’s headstrong and naked all the time.” Just choked laughing.

      Sorry to be lame and go the Disney route, but I love Belle. She’s independent and not superficial like the other princesses who just had to be kissed to fall in love. And she loves books and her dad.

      • Patricia

        The most independent and badass Disney princess was Jasmine. Belle wasn’t really independent, she just didn’t want to marry douchey Gaston. All the books she reads are about women falling inlove with princes in disguise. But Jasmine stands up to her father, Jafar, and isn’t satisfied with a shallow princess existence. If you’re going the DIsney route, Jasmine is the way to do it ; )

    • Jillian

      What? No She-Ra? THE PRINCESS OF POWER! She was so bad ass!

    • Sara

      Queen Elizabeth was a murdering, lying whore. No one should love her.

      • Eileen

        So was every other medieval or early modern monarch…that’s part of why we love them.

      • Rebekah Mae

        Uhhh wasn’t ever monarch? lol. And I love Elizabeth I. She was a beast.

      • Nessy

        Are you a Stuart?

    • Odbery

      Zelda! She somehow is a badass “damsel in distress”. My favourite of her incarnations was Tetra the pirate lord, though her TP and OoT forms were also awesome.

      • G

        Zelda is the shit!

    • Hall

      Buttercup THE Princess Bride! I wanted to be her sooooo badly when I was young. Yeah she got out of marrying douchey Humperdink & therefore wasn’t technically a princess, but she’s still the best. And I’m eternally in love with Westley.

    • Patricia

      If we’re going with imaginary princesses, She-Ra, no doubt. With real ones… None, thanks, not a big fan of monarchy.

    • Rose

      My favorite Disney princess was Snow White
      My Favorite Game Princess is Princess Peach
      And my favorite movie princess is Princess Leia
      Of course!

    • Nessy

      Disney: Belle, a literate brunette.
      Real life: Lucretia Borgia: She allegedly poisoned a bunch of people and brought the poison ring into fashion, so is therefore the awesomest.

    • Bella

      princess Diana! i love all of the britts! Sarah you are a tad rude!