• Fri, Apr 22 2011

Friday Style Icon: Bianca From ‘The Rescuers’

This week’s Style Icon is an unlikely one: Miss Bianca of the famed Rescue Aid Society (the only cabal of mice in the basement of the United Nations building that won’t give you hantaviris, presumably). Anyway, Bianca was pretty chic for a mouse. She didn’t wear much (weather permitting) but many fashion types would say that means her wardrobe was well-edited: pillbox hats, gloves, fur stoles and everything perfectly accessorized. Here’s some Bianca looks over both Rescuers films.

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  • jen

    Oh! To five year old me, Bianca was the quintessence of all things ladylike. It’s a little embarrassing how she has been such a lasting influence on me. Well, that and my crush on Bernard.

  • Baker Girl

    Oh my god!!!! I love these movies! (They are on my Netflex) I also love the fact Miss Bianca is all about the purple (tottaly my color)!

  • Rebekah Mae

    Ahhhh I totally forgot how fashionable she was! And these movies. I will forever be in love with her hats and that mustard coat she wore.

  • Amy

    Oh, this is too perfect! I loooved The Rescuers, but never saw the second one. I was obsessed with purple as a kid (who am I kidding, still am now), so Bianca was the be-all, end-all. As with a lot of 80s animated flicks, it’s a lot darker than I remember realizing at the time. Madame Medusa? Scary as sh*t.

  • bb

    why would you kill a chinchilla