Photoshop of Horrors: Pin-Up Girl Lies

So, every image is a lie and has always been a lie. Here’s some more lies. (Buzzfeed)

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    • sara

      I don’t understand what the argument behind this post is. It’s a photograph that was used as a body model for the painting/drawing. The pose is the same, though the legs are longer, the bust is bigger (and not covered in bra), the neck is more defined and the head is completely different. It’s a cartoon, right? This isn’t the same thing as the giraffe neck in Elle or the constant photoshopping away of body parts (stomach, hips, arms) in Victoria’s Secret. It’s a drawing!

    • Jennifer Wright


    • Just an oogling male

      Does anyone really wear shoes on a scale ??
      Ballet slippers and loafers are just as sexy as heels.
      Flip-flops and other sandals are ugly.