Shopping Guide: Easter Dresses For Your Daughter

Whatever your religion, this weekend will be filled with eggs, bunnies and adorable little girls in lots of lacey, frilly cuteness.  Easter is one of the few days that no one minds going crazy with matching accessories.  (The bows! Oh, the bows!).  It’s a time when mothers get to dress their girls up in puffed-sleeve fantasy dresses and gush over how adorable they are.
So forget the time when Easter meant tights that wouldn’t stay up and the shoes that pinched your toes and a bow so big your head felt lop-sided.  Forget how hard it was to see down on all that crinoline.  Forget so that you can inflict all that on your own children without regret.  And now, onto the inspiration!

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    • Hannah Beth

      What about easter dresses for big girls??

    • Stephania Andrade

      I remember those tights and bows that wouldn’t stay one no matter how much my mom would fix them! I will be shopping for the little ones today and I’m glad I stopped her for some extra shopping ideas!

    • MNiM

      I want the “Us Angels Pink Tiered” for myself.

    • Deanna

      “Whatever your religion” your weekend will be filled with easter stuff? REALLY?? FOR SERIOUS? Do you really think many you muslims jews or hindus will be adopting the traditions of a christian holiday?


      • Hannah Beth

        No need to get your bloomers in a knot– she just meant that consumer culture has picked up on it as well- just walk down the middle aisle of any large grocery store, or see a display in a book store, or try watching a kid’s tv network, and tell me that it’s not filled with Easter stuff.