How Much Do You Care About Grammar Skills?

Do you give a damn about an oxford comma? And did you like my hopelessly outdated music reference? Vote! – I Love Charts

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    • Dove

      If you use the wrong your/you’re or their/there/they’re I might not stop being friends with you, but I will instantly think less of you.

      • Christina

        I might not stop being friends with someone either, but I’d certainly not sleep with someone like that. Who knows, maybe it’s like an STD! The next morning you’d find yourself trying to find you’re underwear and exit they’re apartment gracefully.

    • Eileen

      It depends on who you are. My ten-year-old cousin? I’ll try to help him out, but it’s not an indictment. My 30-year-old boss? I’ll snicker and mock him a bit behind his back. My 40-something professor who’s supposed to be a humanities PhD? Yeah, I’m judging.