Poll: How Important Is Your Partner’s Appearance?

An article in Esquire this month deconstructs Robert Pattinson’s good looks, and how the average man might go about achieving some of them.

Let me make this quick for you: he can’t. The average man can style whatever he has left of his hair, and he can wash his face with product appropriate for his skin type, and that’s about it.

But more importantly, do we care?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Christina

      None of the poll options really apply. Sure, appearance plays a huge part in whether I find a man attractive or not, but what I find attractive doesn’t (necessarily) fit on a “traditional” 1-10 scale where a 10 is something like Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson. A 10 to me tends to be a bit nerdy, odd-looking men that not everyone finds hot.

    • Hannah Beth

      I don’t mind if my boyfriend is a little chubby or anything. And he happens to be serious about being clean all the time. But he wears athletic shorts a lot. It doesn’t bother me that much, as long as he wears khakis to dinner or to see my parents.

    • Eileen

      Good looks help decide whether I’ll go out (or to bed) with a man I’ve just met, but the better I get to know, like, and admire a man, the more attractive I find his appearance. So he may need to be closer to a “10″ if he wants to forego getting to know me, but affection turns a 5 into an 8 pretty easily.

      • M

        I’m with you. I feel like the linear number rating scale doesn’t really do people justice, but if I had to use it I would use two scales [one for looks, one for character] and make the real deciding factor the sum of the two numbers. So as opposed to someone saying ‘I’ll only date 9′s or 10′s’, instead they can say ‘I’ll only date a 14+’ which would someone who can be a 7 in both looks and personality, or a 4 in personality but a 10 in looks because the lust helps cancel out the lack of chemistry [or switch the numbers and it's vice versa]. But if the cut-off is 14, that means someone who looks like a 2 or acts like a 2 pretty much has no hope with them because even if the other scale is maxed out, it just doesn’t help enough.

        I’ll be honest: I’m not exactly some crazy knockout by any means, but I couldn’t imagine spending my life with someone I just didn’t find attractive at all, no matter how much I loved them. Unless we could sleep with other people. Basically: looks aren’t absolutely vital, but if they’re bad enough they can still be a deal-breaker.

    • macalny

      This blurb lost me at “Robert Pattinson’s good looks” as I’m still at a loss as to why the general public feels the need to apply the words “good looks” to that guy. I guess this is what makes the world go ’round, though. Thankfully we don’t all see the same people as attractive.

    • G

      Well seeing as personality actually affects the level of physical attraction I have toward a person, the two arent mutually exclusive 100% of the time.

    • M

      I think looks are like money: certainly not the most important thing in a relationship, but the relevance becomes more extreme at either end of the scale. Having a whole lot will help make up for other shortcomings, and having absolutely none is not something most people could deal with.

    • KC

      I’m with Christina. Yes, appearance is important to me, but who I find attractive is different from a lot of other people. I find my boyfriend incredibly hot but I know lots of girls wouldn’t give him a second glance. Conversely, there are lots of “hot” guys girls tend to drool over that I’m just not into. I don’t find most movie stars that good-looking and Robert Pattinson is MUCH less attractive than most guys I went to college with.

    • jessica

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