• Sat, Apr 23 2011

Watch Kate Moss Seduce A Man-Rabbit Hybrid

I mean, I guess I could give you some context for this video. Something about a Chilean brand called Basement (that apparently sells clothes) something something. But I feel like my headline adequately sums up what goes on here.

If you’re not sated, however, you can read an explanation of these events at The Telegraph.

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  • G

    Does she mean “good luck understanding this commercial”? Because that’s what I think she means….

  • Christina

    Oh, imagine how lovely it’d be to be on set with dozens of fluffy white wabbity wabbits!

  • Patty

    The 2011 Kate Moss and Rabbit commercial for a chilean brand (Falabella/Basement) looks very similar to a music video from, also, a chilean Singer ANDRES DEL MAR – CONTANDO ESTRELLAS (Best Music video 2010 in New York City)


    Is the same idea: Giant rabbit seducing a girl, playing electric guitar and at the end, she wakes up from the dream wearing the dress the rabbit gave her, so we don’t know if it was a dream or not.