• porkchop

    HA HAHA! I want to start a petition to add “sidepiece” to the OED right now.

    Also, I like that picture of Cate Blanchett not looking sexy.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Yeah, Cate really looks like a troll-face right there, right?

  • macalny

    Wow. George, just wow. “The girl you ‘end up’ married to.” That’s some sad shit right there. Excuse me while I go weep for the modern age of love and man and romance and relationships. UGH.

    • Trish

      I know!!! The fact that he said that at least twice was cringe-inducing! I feel bad for whomever he does “end up” married to, since clearly it’s not an institution he understands.

    • Dove

      Something tells me George’s wife will have to spend a lot of time alone with her back massager. Or, more hopefully, that George will end up spending his life alone with lots of porn, and not subject any women to what marriage with him would be like.

  • Dana

    Yeah I agree with Patrick. Nobody really knows Kate Middleton the way Prince William does, and therefore, these guys don’t know know what she’s really like. For some guys, she comes across as someone they could marry, and then other dudes don’t think so. Who cares anyway? Its not like these guys will ever have a chance anyway.

  • Karen

    I am actually surprised at how many of these guys don’t think Kate is awesomely hot. Cuz I do. Okay whatever!

    • Megan

      Yeah. I’d hit Kate Middleton.

  • Hannah Beth

    Jack and Patrick have the only reasonable ideas here.

    “Jerkface,” I’m so so so sorry that you’re not a royal, and therefore will never get to act like a prince and screw around on your wife. Because normal, low rent, common, base, crass, insecure pathetic men never do that. Ever. No one ever cheats on anyone unless he is a royal. Why would you have to bring marriage into the equation? You see if an angelic, beautiful “class act” would marry someone like you. Then see if she’d stay with someone like you after you find the hot sidepiece who also wants someone like you.

  • luc

    she be a nice maybe a nice person, but she is not Royal, he shoudl of married someone who was more connected..

  • Jamie

    How can you say that she is not insanely hot? I would DEFINITELY marry her!! (and her sister)

  • alexander

    where did my comment go?

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