Blake Lively Had A Wardrobe Malfunction. Have You?

Look, I know that we’re all team Leighton, but we still wouldn’t have wished what happened at last night’s Time 100 Gala on Blake Lively.

Apparently, celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan stepped on her dress, completely tearing off the train. Lively had to run to the bathroom to attempt to reattach it with safety pins. I feel like this isn’t really the worst thing that could happen (though I also feel like safety pins won’t be a really subtle solution). Of course, it’s a shame it happened at all, because it’s a pretty dress, but it’s not as bad as, say, Janet Jackson’s famous wardrobe malfunction. Or any of the nip-slips we see at Fashion Week. Have you ever had a piece of clothing go awry? Can you top Blake’s? Sure you can!

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    • August S.

      Safety-pinned or not, I doubt anyone was looking at Blake’s dress with that tacky new hair color on parade. I love a red-head, but that is *not* a flattering shade on her–in fact, it looks a lot like when Khloe Kardashian tried to go red. Comparisons to a Kardashion= definite fashion misstep*.

      *Disclaimer: I actually think Khloe is kind of awesome, personality-wise, but her style can be as iffy as her sisters’.

    • Eileen

      I agree. It’s an awesome dress, but her regular blonde suits her soooo much better.

    • ellie

      I was once at a ceilidh (traditional Scottish dance) wearing a cocktail dress with thin spaghetti style straps and tight empire waistband. The straps broke. The boob panel they’d been holding up flopped over the empire waistband. Bra on show. At least I was wearing a bra.