What Do You Think About ‘Middleton Eyes’?

Am I the only one who’s noticed the way that Kate Middleton lines her eyes? It’s sort of Tara Reid circa “American Pie,” but less drunk.

Well, it appears as though this questionable practice is not just a Kate thing, but indeed a whole Middleton thing — Kate’s younger sister Pippa was recently spotted around town sporting the same look (see below).

What do you think about it? Are you in favor? Or against? As a non-makeup artist, I think I’ve read somewhere that lining your eyes all the way around makes your eyes look smaller. So, there’s that.

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    • Somnilee

      It’s actually just a fairly common British thing, a lot of my friends line their eyes that way and have done since about the age of 14. Personally it makes my eyes look ridiculously small so I only ever line the top.

    • G

      Yeah I think it looks out of place on her classy face/body. She should use a brown eyeliner for when visiting with small children and touching babies, as well as maybe just do the outer and inner corners?

      • Lindsay Cross

        Do small children respond badly to overdone eye makeup?

    • Lisa

      Perhaps it helps her look better for the camera?

    • Dove

      It very much strikes me as an unevolved makeup technique, like one she started doing when she was a teenager and never bothered to reevaluate. It looks fine but I’m sure it could look better.

      Sarah Jessica Parker started doing this around the final SATC season/first movie and I thought it looked TERRIBLE. It made her eyes look ridiculously small. So basically some can pull it off, and some can’t… I definitely can’t.

      • Crystal

        Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It seems lazy, like she just does it like that every day because she’s used to it and can’t be fussed coming up with something more flattering. And pretty much anything else would be more flattering, in my opinion!

    • Vee

      Doesn’t it kinda of remind you of how Princess Di did her eyes? All eyeliner-y and spidery mascara? This, of course, is not to say she wasn’t perfect in every other princess way :-)

    • Hannah Beth

      She’d look gorgeous with just the top lined because she has that classically delicate bone structure. But you’re not the only one who noticed, Ms. Ogilvie. My friend owns several makeup artist’s books and she and I have commented on it a couple times.

    • T

      It makes her younger (also very pretty) sister look older than her.

    • Ashley

      Really not a fan of it. Kate is so pretty she doesn’t need all that liner- especially on the bottom. What bothers me even more is that she has chosen the harsh color of black and the liner almost looks liquid. I’d prefer to see her with a brown soft liner smudged a bit by the lash line.

    • Becks

      My mother has always said that black eyeliner makes you look like a whore.

      I am more inclined to take a less harsh route, and agree with Ashley. Brown eyeliner is approximately ten times classier than black. It also doesn’t help that each time I see someone with black eyeliner I always hear my mum’s voice in my head.

    • Ella

      I think the point about it being an unevolved makeup technique is exactly right. Ideally she’d skip the liner under the eyes. I still think she looks great though!

    • Edd

      i think her eyes are very ugly….





    • amber dawn

      I think in half of the photos she looks good and in half of them she looks bad, so it’s not really the makeup, it’s whether it’s a good or bad photo. If I use eyeliner I usually do both the top and bottom, but not totally all the way around; but then again I use a lighter colour, and don’t usually wear makeup at all unless I’m going to be on stage – if I don’t do top and bottom I look really washed out in photos.