Would You Pay $1,515 For This Tank Top?

I’d like to point out that this Balmain tank top is held together with safety pins. Without the safety pins it would just be two pieces of fabric flopping around. And it looks as though it is burned with cigarettes. Now, I understand that this would be useful if you’re always using your belly to extinguish cigarettes, and you want to get a jump on things. But if you’re not trapped in a movie starring either Paz de la Huerta or Jigsaw, then I don’t really see this as something most people do.

In conclusion, I think this tank-top is dumb.

In spite of that, it sold out on Net-a-Porter within minutes. Why?


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    • Hannah Beth

      WHAT? I wouldn’t even pay 1,515 CENTS for that! (that’s $15.15), because it’s not all that cute, well-made, or flattering.
      I don’t understand why people spend a lot of money on items that are really only appropriate at events like fishing and car-washing.

    • Elizabeth

      as usual, i think balmain needs to have their business license revoked.

    • Kathleen

      I would not purchase it for more than $1.00 (For the safetypins. They’re probably worth that much.) If someone gifted it to me, I would very graciously accept it to use the pins for whatever I need, then use the fabric as a rag to wipe up my cats’ accidents from the floor.