Real Talk: Toddlers On Why They Want To Be Princesses

Every little girl wants to be a princess, right? So in honor of Princess Week, I went to my daughter’s daycare to find out what the little ones think of female royalty. I spoke with eight little girls, ages 3-5, about why they want to be princesses and which princess is their favorite. I’m going to try to summarize the views of each girl, mainly because all eight talked at once and there were frequent pauses in conversation to belt out Disney songs. Including Bibbidi Boppity Boo. Good luck getting it out of your head now!

Writer’s Note: As awesome as these young ladies are, they don’t all speak in complete sentences with perfect grammar. But for the sake of my sanity, I decided to help them out a little. Like Jen tries to do for me. Mainly because typing “I be….” over and over again gave me a twitch in my left eye.

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    • Lauren

      Lydia and Brenna = Amazery.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I love Lydia’s world-weariness.

    • Dana

      Yes, Lydia. So cute.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      First of all, I love this post. It’s all amazing. Second of all, this might be my favorite line: “That’s why my mom watches the news, to hear about the princess.” Hilar. That mom go thrown under the bus, big time.

    • Meghan Keane

      Things I only learned about princesses today: “They only eat candy and they all have magic!” Thank you Alyssa.

    • Sara B.

      I love how they want to be princesses all by themselves! Too funny.

    • Hannah Beth

      Good lord. I want these little girls’ opinions to become a regular feature.

    • oja

      I love how most of them don’t see “Prince charming” as an essential part of being a princess, they just want to have cool stuff and magical powers XD
      When I was little tended to like the “evil” women in Disney movies; I wanted to be Ursula or the Wicked Witch of the West, probably because the evil women always seemed a lot smarter and more in controll of their lives than the nieve princesses. They didn’t need someone else to make them happy, they tried to find happiness on their own.

    • Camila

      I like Lydia the best too! And i still want to be magic too

    • Cinderella

      I love Cinderella best, followed by Snow White, and Belle. We ALL want to be a princess at one point or another I think. My 4 year old’s nickname is “Princess” as she is spoiled rotten being the only girl among 4 kids. She’s got the males in the family wrapped around her fingers…..I wanted to know…where did you find the castle bed in the picture? I would like one for her. :)

    • Somnilee

      As others have said, for all we worry about Disney Princes sending the wrong message to young girls (cough, I believe you did an article on here, cough), these little ladies all seem pretty emancipated!