Gallery: Meet Men Who Want Mail-Order Brides

Ask Men has a fantastic piece entitled “Meet Ukraine’s Mail-Order Brides” For real. I’m not in any way being dismissive right now, although sometimes I do that, just throw in the word “fantastic” when what I mean is “ball-sucky.” But no, it’s a really good piece, you should read it here. But if you hate reading, which I understand, here’s an introduction to the men in the article who want mail order brides. I’ve paired the descriptions with some helpful non-word pictures, and some things about them that maybe sort of make this whole process completely terrifying for women.

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    • Hannah Beth

      Wow. My dad’s friend has had 3 wives- One his age who divorced him after a few years of marriage, one who is now 30 and was with him for 4 years, and one whom he is currently divorcing who is 23. He’s 58.
      I think these men are a little confused. I really do think it’s companionship they want, but they want control as well and they see these women as people who owe them submission.
      Also, I think there’s a small typo in the Jesus slide (5?) with “ledes,” which is actually short for lederhosen in my brain.