Friday Style Icon: Kate Middleton

On the day of the Royal Wedding, we could either toe the line by highlighting Kate Middleton’s good taste and general style savviness, or we could go way out there/tasteless/nonsensical and do a gallery of some insane unrelated BS. This one time (ever) we decided to go with the sensible idea. But in all fairness, Kate Middleton really knows how to dress herself. So:

(Special thanks to our intern Dara Fargotstein for much help in assembling the gallery)

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    • Jamie04

      Um…it’s “pashmina” not “pajmina”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        you’ve never heard of a “pajmina”? It’s the pashmina you wear to bed!

      • Reed

        LOL @ Ashley’s defense of “pajmina.”

    • Penelope

      She looks fabulous – there really is something to be said for knowing what works on your body and looks good, and what doesn’t. She always looks fantastic.

    • Aurora

      Girl knows how to wear a blazer.

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    • revarita

      Her style almost same with Quenn Rania.