Gallery: The Best (And Otherwise) Dressed At The Royal Wedding

Prince William wed Kate Middleton this morning in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey (I feel like everything I write today will begin with exactly this sentence). Importantly, Kate Middleton wore a delicate sleeved gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. It was a morning of low heels, tasteful hemlines and insane hats. These are they.

[Ed. Note: Be forgiving if I botch names/neglect titles. I have no fucking clue who 90% of these people are.]

(All photos by Getty)

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    • Dove

      All of these looks are perfectly lovely, though some more than others. But this slideshow makes me wonder:

      Is there some kind of royal rule that your entire ensemble must be the same color? So many of these women have the exact same color on their hat, dress, shoes, and even bags, if they have them.

      It is not a good look, it usually suggests to me that the person has so little sense of what colors look good togehter they just go “make it all light pink!” But since these people clearly have money and probably either style or access to people with style, I feel like there must me some tradition I don’t know about…

      • Somnilee

        It’s a standard tradition that as a woman, your shoes and handbag should match. People generally wear a hat either the same shade as the dress or to match the shoes and handbag, and gloves are normally in a matching or neutral shade. They actually posted this guide on the BBC:

    • Eileen

      I actually really like Samantha Cameron’s outfit! And Princess Victoria and her husband look great, although the hat does something weird to her face.

    • porkchop

      I disagree on Miriam Gonzalez Durantez. Black gloves, unflattering seams and VPL…

    • oja

      I don’t think enough attention was paid to how gorgeous/sexy David Beckhams suit was.
      LOVE the high collar and long jacket <3

    • Helen

      I think princess Letizia was the most elegant in the weddind!! I love her pink dress !!
      The dress of kate is horrible and very simple.

    • Venus in Furs

      I think Victoria Beckham’s dress made her look awful (it has nothing to do with the pregnancy). She was dressed like she was going to a funeral for her last fugly pair of shoes. Did I mention she wears the most hideous shoes? Like something a club-footed stripper would wear, really.

      • CatWomyn


      • thebron0

        Couldnt have put it better Venus in Furs.
        I felt the same.

    • Brenda

      TO the editor: Would appreciate you not using profanity in your own comments…….such great photos and then you show your ignorance in your comment about not know who all the people are….we don’t really CARE who all the people are…..go wash out your mouth with soap……

    • Anita

      Um, doesn’t anybody notice that Frances Osborne’s dress is inside-out?

      • am

        I was wondering the same thing. In a larger print of the same photo you can see the dress seams and a zipper right beneath her left arm. I can’t imagine that it was intentional. How odd.

    • kjlady

      Tara Palmer-Tomlison’s outfit fit in with

      the ugly stepsister’s Breatrice and Eugenie,

    • kjlady

      Other than the bride and groom I think the best dressed at the wedding was the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cynthia

      Who wrote the fashion commentaries ? You think Frances Osborne is wearing the PERFECT wedding outfit ? IT’S INSIDE-OUT !!! Did No one tell her or even notice ? Someone whispered in David Beckham’s ear that his medal was pinned on the wrong side of his coat & he moved it . Wonder what her dress looked like on the right-side ? I would have died from embarrassment if I had appeared in front of billions of people like that :-)

    • thebron0

      Princess Letizia would have to be my favourite.

    • Lorraine

      I have to agree with Cynthia – Frances Osbournes dress looks awful not perfect! It looks too tight and ill fitted across the bust/shoulders and showing a bit too much knee!

    • Lorraine

      Victoria’s dress would have been perfect for a funeral but why wear black/Navy for a wedding? And as for the fashion of wearing a hat that looks like you’ve walking into it, rather than actually put it on your head! Whats all that about??????

    • Mary

      I’m agree whit Helen the most elegant person in the wedding was princess Letizia of Spain!! she ‘s amazing and very beautiful and her wedding dress was the best!!

    • SusieQ

      “Frances Osbourne

      This is an ideal wedding outfit: demure, minimal, detracting no attention away from those who desire it, while staying coolly effortless. Good on you, Frances Osbourne.”

      Did no one notice her dress was inside out? Darts, unfinished neckline, zipper, seams… it looks like a mess. Not to mention the stain on the arm just right from the zipper. To tight, to short. Who dressed her? Or does she not have any mirrors to check herself out with before she left home? And I can’t believe any so called fashion expert would rave over this mess of a dress. Awful!!!

      • Vickie of the USA

        I so agree! What was she thinking before she left the house. And the so called experts don’t say anything about this mess. What’s up with that?

    • Charles

      Princess Letizia is just exquisite…none in the wedding or the gala dinner the day before was even close to her beauty and class.

    • G

      I don’t understand why everybody looked so awful? You would think it would be the easiest occasion to dress for. Maybe they all got really nervous and had a last minute break down purchases. But even so, with their kind of money you’d think they could get something fabulous made! I am so confused by the lack of stunning outfits. Although, in the events pics of celebrities lately they all look hideous too so maybe something is in the water?

    • Barbara in Paradise

      I’m glad to see that others recognized that Frances Osbourne’s dress was “inside-out”. When I first saw the pictures, I thought my eyes were playing tricks! I have several unfinished sewing projects stuffed in the back of my closet that are better put-together than her dress! Perhaps I’ll post them on ebay………..Yuck!

    • royal wedding fever

      I like how enraged people are over you digging the Frances Osbourne dress. They must lead really sad lives.

      • Angie

        What kind of SO CALLED FASHION EXPERT judges a photo online and doesn’t get up close to inspect the garment?

      • Katie Wilde

        Frances Osborne’s dress is by Clemency London.

    • rusty day

      I would like to know how the the hell the Burcows received an invitation to the royal wedding – a big mistake. She turned up showing her usual disgusting taste and looked as if she popped into Oxfam and took the first dress she saw. I would also like to know why she thinks we wish to see her tree trunk legs. She should have been sent straight home – a big booby inviting that.

    • Rebecca

      Is there a fashion code I’m not getting? The men are wearing coats with tails, and the women are wearing suit dresses? The suit dresses seem so informal next to the tuxedo coats. Also, I have to admit that I was hoping for something a little more “royal” looking from the Queen. And I agree with the earlier poster, I think many of the attendees looked awful!