Gallery: The Best And Worst Royal Wedding Hats

Something for Queens and Mad Hatters alike.

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      agree 100% on Lady Frederick Windsor

      • Jo

        She actually goes by Sophie Winkleman… and is fantastic in Peep Show (amazing british comedy). Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    • andrea dunlop

      I feel like Beatrice and Eugenie are styled to look like the ugly stepsisters in Cinderella: expensive yet wacky. I’d still totally want to sit at their table.

      • Lauren

        So true!

        And my favorite was Lady Frederick Windsor

    • kjlady

      OMG!!! Was this an ugliest hat contest? Beatrice and Eugenie are really beautiful young ladies but they looked like the ugly stepsisers from cinderella. OMG!!! Camilla is never pretty no matter what! On the other hand the brides mother, father sister and brother look more like the “ROYALS”.

    • M Scarpetta

      Did Victoria Beckham have a big zit on her forehead that she is covering? Did she use crazy glue to stop the hat from sliding further down her face? Good thing she didnt have a zit on her nose, otherwise she would have looked really silly.

    • Sammy

      Treacy hats ugly as! Victoria Beckhams’ the blue boat and the princesses hats the worst of the bunch for sure! Couldn’t believe people would wear such things and think they looked good.

    • Barbara

      I was flabbergasted when all of the commentators kept going on and on about what an amazing designer Phillip Treacy is. WHAT? His creations were a disgrace. Victoria Beckham was wearing her hat on her forhead. Some of the other women were wearing their hats straight up the side of their heads. And Prince Andrews two daughters — the stag’s head and the boat of feathers. And can someone please tell them that the eye liner makes them look like racoons?
      The women at my church look better on any given Sunday than these people looked coming to a once in a lifetime affair. You know they could have had double the amount of guests but the hats the women wore were so large that they lost the space.