Would You Wear Princess Beatrice or Princess Eugenie’s Hats?

Especially Beatrice’s remarkable tan alien symbol? I think I’d wear them if I were cast in a movie where I was supposed to play someone from the future. Maybe that’s what Beatrice is making a statement about. She’s indicating with fashion instead of words that Kate and Will are the future. Yes. Yes, that makes sense.

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    • Somnilee

      I’d wear Eugenie’s but more on the side of my head and further back towards the crown. I dislike Beatrice’s hat but love her dress.

    • Richard H

      I think Beatrice’s hat was ridiculous and insulting to the whole wedding. She actually would have looked amazing if she had left off the hat.

    • jogo

      If I was young and a “2nd class” royal who wanted some attention (and perhaps are a bit miffed that my mum wasn’t invited to this wedding), yes I’d wear these hats. They will certainly be talked about now!

      • Somnilee

        “2nd class”? Beatrice is currently 5th in line to the throne. But I understand your point, I was more than disappointed that Sarah Ferguson wasn’t even invited to either reception.

    • Jean

      These two are the frumpiest dressers! Their hats are almost always ridiculous and their ill fitting choice of clothing looks as though they have no idea what looks good on them. Consult with stylists ladies, you have proven, repeatedly, that you have no sense of flattering looks.

    • Eileen

      Hats? Neither. But Princess Beatrice looks gorgeous otherwise.

    • gina

      Reminds me of a deer antler…

    • Lorraine

      these are two girls who definately need to get Gok’d! Eugenie’s out fit is like something out Alice and Wonderland and Beatrice’s black eyes look likes something out of Beetlejuice! Such a shame as they are pretty girls when they get it right!

    • Dweb5

      These “princesses” look and remind me of the step sisters in Cinderella.

      • Mary

        I totally agree…. what a contrast to the two Middleton girls who were every inch real princesses, I think they showed the world they were so much more Royal than those born to it!

      • loris

        Two stepsister from Cinderella….lol! Exactly what I was thinking, funny. Sometimes less is more…

    • Tommyz

      I’m sorry – but the one looks like a pirate ship crashed on her head – and the other one looks like she has a radar dish for aliens …

    • Millie

      Definitely their Mother’s act of payback at not being invited to the wedding. The look on their father’s face as he was sandwiched between them during the Service said it all.

    • thebron0

      They both look horrible, I burst out laughing when I saw them,-those hats !!!!!!!!!!!
      leave me speechless.

    • Laurie

      What about Eugenie’s hemline? It’s falling down inside the dress. Just dreadful.

      • disappointed

        That was the worst dress ever. What is wrong with them? Or was it a joke?

    • Upperbeelady

      I have never seen these girls look suitably dressed – what on earth is their mother doing letting them wear such frock horrors!!! And the hats also are truly a joke – even Naomi Campbell and the mainstream super models would be hard pushed to carry them off. I guess they were given them for free (which is what the Yorks seem to be notorious for accepting). They looked like pantomime dames!!! Truly ghastly for young girls. Fergie obviously doesn’t care how they look – she should be ashamed of herself letting them go out like that at such a worldwide publicised event.

      • Girlwithcurls

        I agree with you totally. BUT Have you seen the way Fergie dresses, not much better than her girls. She probably gave them her blessing. Sorry, but Fergie was fun but never had a sense of style, always kind of looked like she shopped at a discount store. :( Sad thing in all this, these girls are actually very pretty, just doesn’t seem anyone is around to show them how to be pretty.

    • yumsmitty

      Unfortunately, when you are as homely as these two girls, you need something to distract from your face. They remind of Bruce Willis’ daughters. Its like the title to some horror film, “When bad genes collide” or something.

    • Reets

      They look like they got their dresses from the salvation army thrift store. Like someone had donated their old ugly bridesmaid dresses and then they had hats made to match.

    • bjw107

      Beatrice’s hat is the worst thing I ever saw. How could she choose to wear such a monstrosity? That thing on her head is indelibly imprinted on my brain. I’m afraid that hat will come to mind whenever I think of the wedding — which otherwise was beautiful.

    • Secret

      I think princess eugene needs to shift a pound or two as that dress does nothing for her waistline, especially stood beside her slimmer sister.
      I personally think Beatrice looks good if not a little OTT on the hat but I don’t know whats going on with Eugenies outfit, my gran would were it. I was always told not to wear print when on the heavier side.

    • hatsoff

      Beatrice and Eugenie’s hats and outfits were a spoof on the royal family’s fashion fads. It takes courage to look so awful. Just like their mother when she stood in the crowd and waved at the Queen.

    • Anna

      Have a look at the hat Diana wore to Fergie’s wedding. Maybe this was the revenge of the daughters for the terrible hat and outfit Diana wore – must have spoiled the family wedding photos back then.

    • BeeLol

      I’m surprised nobody’s suggested yet that Beatrice’s hat looks like Minnie Mouse.

    • Steve

      Those two looked liked they stepped out of a scene directed by Tim Burton – on acid!!

    • Girlwithcurls

      OMG! I am sorry, but those two looked like clowns. The 2 evil step sisters, really those hats were just awful. Maybe it was they way they styled themselves to wear those hats… but any way you look at it, it was scary. I would have to be dead to be wearing either of them or their outifits or their make-up. So much to choose from in fashion and style and they picked those outfits. Help the royal family… Lordy!

    • AmyP

      I think the hat is so cool. Both girl look so hip…chic….I would love to wear either outfit!!!!

    • Ladylink

      Sadly, they are getting attention in a negative way. I think they are following
      in their Mother’s footsteps.

    • alta white

      Beautiful people all need a helpin hand