Party Favors: These Links Are Royal Wedding Free

Mind-boggling playhouses for kids. -ShelterPop

The ’70s will dominate Spring is every possible way. -Betty Confidential

Khloe Kardashian would like some attention today, too. -Celebuzz

What do “forty beads and a bowl” have to do with adding spice to your marriage? -MyDaily

Condoleezza Rice on George W. Bush’s “curious mind.” -XX Factor

Hanging with Taylor Momsen. -Buzznet

More photos of Karl Lagerfeld with a chocolate Baptiste Giabiconi. -Styleite

50 amazing Spring dresses for under $50. -The Frisky

…And 15 spectacular metallics to add some shine to your wardrobe. -College Candy

The preternaturally lovely Michelle Pfeiffer’s style evolution. -StyleList

Would you wear “hair feathers”? -Haute Box

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