Sibling Rivalry Of The Decade: Pippa Vs. Kate

A number of websites and news outlets are already beginning to pit Duchess Catherine against her younger sister Pippa, following today’s epic sibling rivalry showdown, which some reporters have alternately referred to as “the royal wedding.”

Kate, 29, landed a prince, but then again, compared to Pippa, 27, she’s old. Kate got the attention of the world, but Prince Harry tried to make Pippa laugh. Kate wore white, Pippa wore green. So the question is, who won?

I kid, I kid. I actually think this manner of speculation is kind of gross, and that is why I’m going to flaunt tradition and not ask you to comment on who you thought looked better. In fact, let’s match this once-in-a-lifetime event with once-in-a-lifetime civility on my part and say, both looked lovely.

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    • apple

      PIPPA IS UGLY!! Seriously ugly + obnoxiously to attempt to upstage Kate on her wedding day?!

      UGLY AMBITIOUS PIPPA riding on the coatails of her beautiful Princess Kate!
      GO AWAY!

    • sara

      What an ugly comment (UGLY ON THE INSIDE!).

      Was Pippa trying to upstage her sister by wearing white (it’s tradition for royal bridesmaids to wear white)? Or showing up? Or by looking nice (for fuck’s sake, she’s having the royal beauty folk dolling her up… for a *royal wedding*)? When did ambitious become a dirty word (though I don’t think she should use someone else’s prestige for her own advancement…)? Seriously, calm down. And learn some niceties.

    • Transparence

      If you haven’t realized, both sisters are close and Pippa wasn’t trying to upstage her older sister. If anything, she made sure that her sister got her Princess wedding. She looked gorgeous in her dress and if she wore any other color, it would have thrown it all off. If anything, the looks, confidence, warm personality, and sibling love runs in the family. I think Duchess Kate’s has siblings who love her and played their role in her wedding perfectly.

    • Penny

      They clearly love and respect each other. They are only what a year apart in age, maybe two? They have to be close. Pippa would have been the talk of the town no matter what she wore because she is Kate’s sister. It was a royal wedding she should be absolutely beautiful!! They both did amazing. I couldn’t imagine being under that kind of pressure and pull it off the way they did. I cried and want to watch it again. I loved it!! Good luck to all of them.