Vote For The Most Romantic Royal Kiss

The royal balcony kiss was begun by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and continued today with Prince William and Princess Catherine. Sure, Will and Kate’s kiss was good, but how do you think it compares to some of the others?

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    • Nessy

      Yeah, the kisses are great and all, but look at the wee bridesmaid’s face in the third slide! I think she’s had it with romance.

      • Amanda Ernst

        But look at the other flower girl’s face on the right! So sweet, looking up at the happy couple.

    • Valerie

      Hard to think of either Diana or Fergie’s kisses as romantic knowing how those fairytales ended…

    • Carly

      William’s eyes are open.
      not cool

    • Dove

      It’s interesting that in the first pic, it’s Diana who is stretching her neck out to meet her spouse for the kiss, and in the third, it’s William who is reaching for Kate.