OH SNAP: Kate Moss Takes On Kate Middleton

So, it’s unlikely that Kate Moss actually created this picture herself. Right?

Right. No seriously, there’s no way that Kate Moss took the time to do this. However, the picture does raise…well, it raises something. It’s certainly a visual slap in the face to Middleton, who is being told in no uncertain terms that there is room for one British fashion icon named Kate, and one only.

And it’s a sentiment that, no doubt, Middleton is currently crying her newly-beroyaled eyes out over even as we speak.

What do you think of the pic?

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    • Nessy

      I really like the 60′s/70′s style photography. It adds a nice…I don’t know…toothiness…to the image…a visceral execution of such a bold subject matter. That being said, I don’t know that it is in the very best taste, but advertisers rarely adhere to the same moral code as the rest of the world.

      • porkchop

        right on. This does look vintage. She even looks like she’s smoking.

    • Eileen

      She looks great. And she need not worry – Kate Middleton/Mountbatten-Windsor/Duchess of Cambridge/whatever lives in Wales with her husband, at least for now. So Kate Moss won’t have any competition until Prince William’s stint in the Royal Air Force.

      • Eileen

        * …stint in the Royal Air Force is over.

    • Penelope

      I doubt she really cares, she’s never tried to set herself up as a fashion icon. And of all the people to be threatened by, Kate Moss must rank pretty low on the list.

      I think the ad is cheapy and tacky – what on earth is she selling, anyway?

    • Hannah Beth

      I bet this ad will totally make Catherine start doing heroine so she can be just like Kate Moss…
      But really, the concept of the ad is pretty tacky and uncalled for.

    • Camila


    • B

      I didn’t notice she was naked for so long. I think this is a sign that I am now completely desensitized to nudity.

    • B

      *in the media