Poll: Did You Care More About The Royal Wedding Or Osama’s Death?

I think you know where we stand on this. Well, not that we care more, really! Just that we’ve dedicated more time to the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton. That’s largely because there aren’t many fashion and beauty stories we can really tie to Osama Bin Laden’s death. I tried pitching “bad dictator fashion choices!” but people just stared at me, openmouthed, which is usually the point when I realize things might be inappropriate. Still, I imagine we’re not the only ones who have spent more time ooh-ing over Kate’s dress than analyzing the death of a terrorist mastermind – perhaps only because there hasn’t been as much time to analyze Osama’s death. Which news story of the past week grabbed your attention more?

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    • Eileen

      The problem with Osama’s death is that people are so gleeful about it, and it makes me uncomfortable. Make no mistake, I was devastated when the WTC was attacked and terrified for the parents of friends…and every one of his cave videos pissed me off for days. Still, I have a hard time being happy hearing that the US military deliberately killed someone, and watching my friends run to the White House (I live within walking distance) in drunken euphoria was kind of disturbing. So my feelings on the Osama thing are conflicted.

      Weddings, on the other hand, are happy for everyone and don’t require a qualification.

      • Aj

        I get where you’re coming from. It feels a bit uncomfortable for me too. I mean, on one hand, this man is the scourge of the earth and I feel better that he’s not a part of the same world that I am anymore. And add to that the hope that he pays for the pain and torment he’s caused in whatever afterlife he finds himself in.

        However, it feels slighlty unsettling that we should go into full out new year’s eve-level celebration mode over such a dark event. A man posed such an imminent threat to the world that we were forced to hunt him down and kill him. That’s not necessarily a positive thing, it’s just something we had to do. And while it’s wonderful that we were successful at it, it doesn’t make me want to bust out the balloons. i guess because it’s a part of a situation that involved a lot of good people losing their lives.

    • Malkovich

      While I am quietly pleased that bin Laden is no more, I know that I was delighted to get up early for Friday’s event and annoyed at staying up late for last night’s announcement – so I guess that shows where my interest lies.
      Here in my (very tasteful) suburb there is no dancing in the streets but a lot of American flags are going up.
      On a related note, did anyone else think Obama’s speech was just a bit too “me . . . me . . . me”? I know he has a campaign to run and needs to bolster his Commander in Chief credentials, but this search was a ten year effort involving many, many military personnel and support from many nations.

      • Nessy

        I kind of felt the same way about the speech, and while I am tremendously pleased that Osama got his comeuppance, I wasn’t dancing in the streets. Also, I didn’t bake scones for him like I did for the wedding.

    • Sarah

      Possibly the Royal Wedding. Not that I cared more, but I just enjoyed the coverage more.