Poll: How Often Do You Shop?

It has recently come to my attention that I don’t shop very much. It’s not a conscious thing; I just get busy doing other shit on the weekend, and then one day I’m all, “wow, I don’t have a single shirt that doesn’t have pit stains.” And that’s when I hit up H&M. And then within another week, I’m facing the same conundrum.

Anyway, I’ve lately gotten to wondering whether this behavior is normal or not. I have a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t…but what constitutes normal, anyway?

What about you? What are your dirty, secret shopping habits?

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    • S516

      At least once a week. There is a lot of ground to cover between outlet and thrift stores! I like trying things on, and adding new colors and patterns that can mix into my wardrobe and transform something I already own.

      I might shop alot, but I believe that you shouldn’t waste your money on paying full price, or on items you will never wear. I want to leave feeling like I just can’t wait to put it on, and do they realize what they just sold this for?? What a steal.

    • tiffany

      I shop as often as I can. Often more than once a week. I kind of wish I could forget to shop, but it seems to be a driving force in my life.

    • Dove

      I go through phases, depending on how much money I have and what I need. I probably haven’t bought anything in two months, but that’s because I’m moving across the country in a month and I’m trying to whittle down my belongings, not get more.

      But it depends on how you define “shop”. I come home with things maybe once a month, but I browse and look easily 2-3 times a week, because I work downtown next to a dozen stores like Macy’s and H&M.

    • Eileen

      I go shopping when I need something: a cocktail dress, a bra, a new pair of sunglasses, whatever. (and often if I only need one thing I’ll wait until I need something else) I never shop just to shop. I browse around Amazon.com pretty much every day, though.

    • M

      I hate hate hate shopping for clothes, so I do what Eileen does and only go when I NEED something. However, since I already have to put myself through it, when I go I also browse for other things I don’t have but could conceivably need in the future, so when that situation arises I will be prepared and not have to go shopping again. I’ve actually gone shopping twice in the past month [which is about two times more than usual]. The first time I needed a female-looking shirt for a work event, and I ended up also finding a comfy super-cheap casual springy/summery dress and some bras that fit so I picked them up too. The second time I needed another dress [but a nicer one] for an awards ceremony because the other dress I just bought wasn’t put-together-looking enough. This is the downside to having gained about thirty pounds in the past two years: most of my fallback rare-occasion clothes no longer fit so I have to replace them with ones that do. I’m fatter now, but I don’t have to make it worse by being one of those fat chicks who thinks she can still wear small clothes.

    • B

      I always end up panic buying for an occasion at 4pm on a 5pm shop closing saturday. So I end up with piles of clothes I hate. The best type of shopping is when you just magically see something you really like whilst walking past a shop, that is when you have an item that withstands the seasons and is useful past the one night you bought it for. I wish I did this more often because then I would like at least some of my clothes and end up shopping less over all. There is nothing (NOTHING) more stressful than last minute panic buying.