Red Carpet Rundown: Mostly Misses At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner happened Saturday. The main reason we’re still hearing about it has nothing to do with fashion (which was really, really boring) but with President Obama and Seth Meyers roasting Donald Trump. …Which is fine because Trump has been a national punchline for like two decades but at the same time not funny because recognition kind of legitimizes him. But back to the dresses! They were all really, really plain and safe and same-y. But some were ugly, too! Let’s look.


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    • Lainey

      OK, I laughed out loud when I read the comment on Bristol! Thanks – I needed that today.

    • lizards first rule

      Bradley Cooper’s character in The Hangover gives my eyes herpes.

    • i swear i’m not a tweenage girl

      Vampire Diaries girl = Nina Dobrev

      I agree, and it kind of looks like a higher fashion toga.

    • ellie

      aw Scarjo’s dress fits her quite well! Not a great colour, but still nice!

    • B

      Haha I love how everyone is boring and people who aren’t boring tried to hard. Just no winning! I think Chelsea handler’s dress was quite nice. I also think everybody’s stylist is on holiday because i feel like for the last few weeks these people have been trying to dress themselves and failing.

    • Eileen

      It’s a political event, not a real “red carpet.” Plain, safe, and same is what you wear to political events. And dressing in a way that’s appropriate for the event is an important part of having a good fashion sense.

    • Shae

      Chelsea Handler’s gown was actually my least favorite – it did NOT flatter her shape at all. Maybe it was the angle of the photo?