Under Cover: Gisele Bundchen Vamps It Up For Elle Brasil

The one and only Gisele did her best Brigitte Bardot for the May 2011 cover of Brazilian Elle. Gisele looks like a supermodel, unsurprisingly, but the big hair x dark nylons x ’60s beauty x mouth open suggestively thing is so overdone. I mean, as recently as March, Freja Beha turned up on Vogue Brasil looking like this:

Thoughts/who wins?

(via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Hands down, Freja Beha. First off, and I know this has nothing to do with Gisele, but her hair looks odd to me. Like they threw a wig on top of her hair and her natural hair is just kind of hanging limply underneath it, trying to cover her chest. Second, thank goodness for the carefully placed ‘e’. Freja still looks like a bombshell, and she’s actually covered.