Vote For The All Time Worst Met Costume Institute Gala Outfit

There were obviously some questionable fashion choices at the Met Gala last night. But most of those will be forgotten, and fade away into the sinewy mists of fashion time. These, though? I hope we remember these forever.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Dove

      Isn’t it a little soon for Galliano? I mean, not just to invite him but to even show up. He should still be actively embarassed to be seen in public.

    • Jen

      That Galliano pic is from 6 years ago. Reading is a helpful skill.

      • Jen

        Haha. 5 years ago. Math is a useful skill, too.

      • dove

        Yeah, I missed that. In any case I wasn’t being critical of the post, just of him.

    • Dana

      OMG Leighton Meester, what was she thinking?

    • Ellen W.

      Remember Kristin- making dresses from curtains only works in the movies.

    • Daisy

      I thought Leighton had this poll in the bag, and then I saw the picture of Kirsten Dunst. There are no words…

    • Katarina

      Galliano! (dirty bastard)

    • Corissia

      I was going to give it to Anne Heche, I mean, ugh, that picture actually gives me the shudders. I had to go with Galliano, It’s like he found an old closet housing everything a bad movie ever put on a rock star type and closed his eyes while he grabbed three things. Charlize is doing a great job not acting weirded out by his oily chest though.