Vote: Pippa Middleton Vs. Kate Middleton

Perhaps you have read The Hunger Games where teenagers are pitted against one another in a bloody battle to the death. This is like that. Actually, it’s more like Thunderdome, but I’ve made that joke 721 times, and I really wanted to shake things up a little bit. There can only be one victor in the Middleton Sister Beauty And Style Battle. If Pippa wins we might make her one of our style icons. MAYBE.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.



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    • Eileen

      I want Kate’s morning-after dress like woah. The jacket and the husband would be nice, too.

    • LeannaBanana

      While I do like most of Pippa’s outfits, I would like to point out that no one should be that color orange unless they’re a Cheeto.

      • Hannah Beth

        I’m probably just an ignorant American, but I love Kate’s skin tone (and Kate Winslet’s, and Emily Blunt’s, for that matter), because it makes me think of the whole English-rose-complexion thing.

    • Kate

      Pippa is cuter than Kate, but she tans too much. When I first saw pictures of her, I thought she was a few years older than Kate, not younger. She has way more wrinkles than someone her age should.

    • Kat

      Kate wins; she put a ring on a prince.

    • joanntheredhead

      I thinks it’s kind of a draw.

    • bones

      does anyone else think the face on pippa with the hat close-up is a fucking riot? what kind of thoughts accompany that face? what possible thoughts?? in my head she’s mostly making uncomfortable noises.

      • Hannah Beth

        I kind of think that’s the face you make when someone says, “Your hat looks like cheap lingerie.”

    • Megan

      I’m gonna sound catty. Pippa has tiny eyes, and the eyeliner just accentuates it. Kate wears the same liner, but her eyes seem to be big enough to deal with it. Also, Pippa could really use a good brow shaping. Kate’s aren’t the greatest, but they look well-groomed. Don’t get me wrong: I think Pippa would be much more fun to hang out with, and both sisters seem quite nice and even sassy. If this is a looks battle (I think they break even on style), though, I gotta go with Kate.

    • Lindsey

      And this is why I’m SO glad I don’t have a sister….

      • Eileen

        Speaking as a woman fortunate enough to have two sisters – one who’s smarter than I am and one who’s prettier than I am – you get used to it. If they’re decent people, it’s worth it.

    • Hannah Beth

      I almost don’t want to vote, because my sisters and I are 19,20 (that’s me!), and 21, and we are all tall with brown hair, and so know what it’s like to be compared to each other allthetime.
      Pippa’s adorable, and she wears really great clothes, but I think Kate’s choices are better and, in a way, more important because of how she’s in the spot light all the time.

    • Dana

      Kate for sure. Pippa looks kinda funny with the hat pic!

    • anaNS

      I’d say they are practically twins. :P The same charming smile and beautiful brunettes.
      I could judge by their personalities, but of course…I have no idea what are they like.

    • Steph

      I don’t know. Pippa tans too much, but they both look great and are stylish. This IS like Sophie’s Choice.

    • wooshy

      I would vote for Kate for the win! She is so much prettier then pippa. Pippa would probably win the vote bcos she is eligible and she has a hot ass, probably winning the votes of those sour guys! Hahahah.

      P.s pippa kind of look like Demi Moore! Haha

    • Raj

      At last the beauty of pippa is suited to porn movies that the range of her beauty, but about Kate her beauty is suitable for royal family that is Kate fuck pippa

    • Raj

      If the same outfit that ware by pippa is more suitable for Kate but that day she has to ware bride dress not like pippa so y media hype pippa i know this world always look at the temporary beauty not life long beauty, look the beauty of pippa was not stay long life she deifinetly collapse, but the beauty if Kate definitely leave life long

      • The Dude

        Ummmm, what? You didn’t make any sense with what you said. What’s “y” and “ware”?? Never heard of these words in my life. Please explain. And for the love of god what the heck does this line mean “look the beauty of pippa was not stay long life she deifinetly collapse”?? WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF?! Very bad Engrish!

    • Corina

      i vote for Kate.idk why,but she looks more mature than Pippa.
      and i have to ask,why did she hold Kate’s dress train? O_o i thought that was wrong :/ but hey,that was her wedding.she should have put her sister in the crowd with everyone else so all eyes were on her.

    • Jennifer Anderson

      I think Kate is prettier than Pippa but I’m concerned that Kate lost so much weight before the wedding. Before this, she had a beautiful, athletic physique. I think they’re probably both wonderful women and they’re best friends. Remember, the media often tries to create narratives that are fictitious.

    • Taaa Cooo Nieeeprzepada Zaa Pipąą

      Pippa powinna zająć się innymi sprawami niż imprezowanie, na którym pojawiają się nieocenzurowane fotki, oczywiście jak na swój wiek i na to, iż jej siostra jest KSIĘŻNĄ !! A Ona sama przynosi wsdyt na swoją rodzinę.

    • Fordington

      Easy; Kate from the front and Pippa from behind.

    • dr cate shanahan

      Funny how the votes match the math. There’s a mathematic formula for symmetry that a plastic surgeon (Dr Stephen Marquart) created, and Kate is more symmetrical. She’s also the older sibling, and number two has a nutritional disadvantage due to the fact that her mom had less than adequate time to replace the nutrients that Kate used up during gestation.