Would You Pay $1,500 For These Boot Mary Janes?

I’m glad that people aren’t paying $1,500 just for completely plain Mary Janes, but I’m sort of amazed that attaching a fake leg boot that will not match that color of your real leg is worth $1,500. Because, really. It will not match the color of your actual leg. People will think you have a fake leg, and not in a cool “I’m a pirate!” sort of way. In a way that means you paid $1,500 for a fake, oddly colored leg.

In conclusion, shoes like these are essentially the reason Communism became popular. Also, I think Prada is continuing to fuck with us.Racked

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    • Dana

      No, definitely i would not.

    • Eileen

      I’m not sure I would wear them even if you PAID me $1500.

      • Dove

        I’m with you there. Gross.

    • Meghan Keane

      Ahhh! Why would you pay for cankles?

    • drea

      …I’m not proud of this but, if I were rediculously wealthy, I would.
      They have a certain Ed Gein-esque charm to them.