Gallery: Tips For Successful Cohabitation

So, you’ve made it through the first few months/ten years of your relationship and you’re considering shacking up with your partner, whom you love and cherish. Mazel tov! Here are some tips to help you manage the journey upon which you are about to embark (and what a beautiful, magical journey it will no doubt prove to be):


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    • Jo

      Also, make sure you make time to be “together,” not just, together on your laptops in front of the TV, etc etc…

    • marszi

      Just to add a few tips I discovered during the first year I’ve been living with my boyfriend…
      1. Bang as often as possible in every corner of the apartment. On the desk chair? Yes! In the “kitchen”? Yes! Keep it fun and make an adventure out of it. Living with your partner does not mean you are suddenly too mature or really too boring for fun in the bedroom.
      2. Chores – just talk about it. After living through a garbage standoff, I can say first hand it is not worth being passive. It also helps establish clear boundaries of responsibility that make everyone feel more comfortable and less like one partner is in charge being the ‘adult’ in the household.
      3. Make romantic time outside of the abode. It’s nice to see the light of day and socialize with those who do not live in your nest.

    • Dove

      Everyone feels like they do more than their roommate, or at LEAST they think they do more than they do. My husband does dishes and laundry, I do the rest (in a 1br that’s a pretty fair split). So if I come home and there’s crap all over the living room, I dont’ get mad at him for the place being a mess – it’s my fault. But if there are dishes everywhere, I can say “HEY, do the dishes!” and he isn’t mad at me because he knows it’s his fault. Good relationships: blame oriented! (just kidding)