• Tue, May 3 2011

Things To Leave At A Guy’s Apartment To Make Him Love You

Purposefully leaving your earrings at a guy’s apartment to guarantee another rendezvous is so obvious! Here are ways you can get a little bit more creative.

(Editors’ Note: read more at Dana Schuster’s blog, Grown Ass Women, here)

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  • Joe

    I’m guessing Dana doesn’t have too many repeat customers. For good reason, as evidence by the semi-serious tongue-in-cheek above.

  • Emy

    LOL ! This is soooo funny !

  • Michael

    WTF? I’d be pissed about number two. Most of the others are just really weird

  • Jeff

    “Lock him down for a third date and girlfriend, I’ve got two words for you: wedding bouquet”

    Is this really what women say?!? No wonder I always feel like I need to leave the state after about the third date.