Are Hot Women Trying Too Hard To Be Nerdy?

Look, I’m going to be completely honest, when I first watched this video (created for Film Drunk which has a great article about how female movie stars pander desperately to nerds) my reaction was “wow, how likable is Megan Fox? Oh my God, so likable!”

Which wasn’t really the reaction I expected to have. But it hinges a lot on the fact that in that moment Megan Fox is able to convincingly make you believe that she is a nerd.

Because it really sounds like yes, Megan Fox loves comic books. I believed her entirely as she talked about loving Gen 13. Do I believe Jaimie Alexander as she says she loves Spiderman and X-Men? Maybe. I mean, Spiderman and X-Men are great, it’s not worth dismissing her just because she likes comics that happen to be popular. Do I believe Mira Sorvino just wants to hang out and watch Star Trek? Not really, but that’s because I don’t believe anything she says (Thanks, Andrew Corsello!)

I guess there’s a great possibility that these women are playing up their nerdy side a little bit more than they would in conversation. I don’t really believe the first words out of Rosario Dawson’s mouth would be in Klingon if she and I were just hanging out. But is it really surprising or ridiculous that they want to lead with their nerdiest interests? Of course not. That’s just smart. The people at Film Drunk remark:

If a pretty girl is into geek stuff, let’s stop demanding that they prove it. Go ahead, be girly, we don’t mind. No harm, no foul. And don’t worry, we can understand why you did it. After all, who here wasn’t at least a little turned on by Rosario Dawson.

Well, okay, but I actually think we would mind. And by “we” I mean “me, and a lot of other chicks.”

Here’s the thing – movie stars, especially hot female movie stars, have to find a way to relate to their audience. Maybe men will genuinely just be happy to see a really hot lady sitting on a talk show talking about loving lady things (I do not know what that means. The color pink. Maybe?). However if I saw a woman up there looking hot and spray tanned and nasally intoning “I really love… to shop? Like… I love Herve Leger? And I want to, like, have a lot of kids?” (this is my interpretive riff on “girly things!”)  I would stare at her and think “oh, she was one of those insipid, shiny-haired girls who was mean to me in junior high.” And then I’d hate her.

I’ll be able to jump that conclusion really quickly, because she’s all shiny haired and beautiful. But hearing that she instead loves Star Wars is like her holding up a great big sign that says “gobble, gobble, one of you, one of you!” It lets me know that she wasn’t one of the Juicy Couture clad mean girls of the 7th grade, and instead that she and I totally would have hung out writing Star Wars fanfiction for hours. God, we would have had fun. She would have appreciated my Remains of the Day narrated by C3PO masterpiece.

And really, this is the best bonding technique they’ve got. When they say that growing up they really wanted to illustrate comic books or liked to sit alone and watch Star Trek while quietly muttering “bIjeghbe’chugh vaj bIHegh! under their breath, I believe that at one point in time, we could have been friends. Now, obviously, our situations have changed. Now, you say “thlIngan Hol Dajatlh ‘a’?and Rosaio Dawson shakes her head sadly and replies, “thlIngan Hol vIjatlhbe.” Because she is famous and gorgeous now, and spends a lot of time doing famous-hot-girl things, which I imagine involves picking out of her favorite free designer gowns and crashing yachts to make a fun splash. But at least, like that golden god C3PO, you’ll always have the fake memories of a similarly nerdy upbringing. And if someone like them, a fellow Gen 13 lover, can get to be a famous hot chick, well, then there’s hope that you’re not so far from getting to be a totally bitching rock star from Mars yourself.

Basically, I don’t think they’re doing this just for men. Well, maybe they are, but it’s for men who resent them for being beautiful because they were rejected by beautiful women in high school. No. Ultimately, I think this shtick is for the ladies.

And it totally worked. Megan, call me, we’ll compare comic books!

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    • Bentia

      Rosario Dawson co-created the comic book “Occult Crimes Task Force” and spearheaded her own web series, “Gemini Division”, so out of all these ladies, I’d say her geek cred is pretty damn solid.

    • Hannah Beth

      I’d call myself a hot nerd. I play WoW (though less so now), used to play DnD in high school, watch TNG on BBCA regularly, and buy new comics every week. However, part of me doesn’t believe the other hot nerds. It’s just competitive insecurity, to be honest. I don’t give a damn about trying to out-hot them. I just want to out-nerd them.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I completely understand this. I want to be nerdier. (Is that why I peppered this post with random Klingon phrases? Because I’ve found a new way to be insecure? Yes).

      • Mia

        You sound awesome! As the only girl to have an account at my city’s only comic book store (I am not kidding) I feel very alone sometimes but also awesome. I feel that if you lived here we’d be best friends or kill each other.

    • porkchop

      C3PO Remains of the Day. :)

    • Julie

      It could just be confirming that there are more geeky girls out there than we all like to think! I mean, a lot of it is clearly fan-pandering, but for a long time there was this stigma about being a girl and being into geeky/nerdy things. I think that stigma is starting to fall off as more and more women come out and express that yes, they DO love X-men and yes, they DO play video games and not just because they want to fit in with the guys.

      Whether or not these celebs really do love the things they talk about isn’t completely irrelevant, but ignoring that, the fact that they are saying the things they are may encourages more girls to be open about their nerdy interests.

    • Grace

      It’s possible that these are legitimate claims. There seems to be a type of nerd that is also drawn to drama class. Maybe it’s all the RPGs, but there’s a type of nerd that’s perhaps less shy than the rest of us, but who LIKE most of us, has dutifully memorized dialogs, and has done a close study of hundreds of characters, understands plot, and puts heart and soul into recreating storylines over and over in her head. Many of those same skills can certainly be applied as an actor.

    • edi

      I do have a hard time believing them, maybe because I’m insecure- or maybe because when I was earning all my “geek cred” it involved many sleepless days & nights of DnD, LAN parties and video games with gross nerd boys, mtn. dew and doritos. It’s pretty much the opposite of any sort of beautiful or glamorous lifestyle therefore it’s difficult to imagine people who fit those definitions in what my mind sees as geeky. Of course, that doesn’t make hawt nerd girls impossible, just foreign to me.

    • Jon

      Girls reading comic books and playing videogames? What’s next? Giving them the right to vote? smh

    • Laura

      I find it a little suspect that most of these women stated a ‘nerdy’ interest in Star Wars, when the rest of the world sees it as fairly mainstream. Star Wars is an easy way to get ‘nerd cred’– everyone has seen it. How many of them have seen Firefly?

    • G

      I feel like this is closely realted to “The Only Girl On the Internet” meme, where a girl in a dorky forum or chat or online assumes she is the hottest simply because she is one of the only girls. Girls can be quite catty when it comes to competition. I played WoW intensely for 2 years, like a sci fi show called Farscape which has alien puppets (PUPPETS), and I was a supremely late bloomer who walked like a dude for the first 20 years of my life. I think works just like guys who are considered funny “or sensitive”. Even if they aren’t incredible looking, they become more attractive for their ability to relate. Thats where the girl dork cred thing comes from. Most girls aren’t faking it. theyre just up playing it.

    • Nessy

      I don’t know, I mean, did y’all ever hang out with the drama geeks in high school? They were some of the most interesting kids I knew, and a lot of them had interests well beyond theater and into the realm of Magic, DnD, etc. These girls are just genetically blessed drama geeks.

    • Odbery

      To me geek implies a certain level of obsession. Saying you “like” Star Wars or WoW or Lord of the Rings doesn’t make you a geek. Reading all of the spin-off novels, reaching level 85 and knowing how to speak elvish makes you a geek.

    • Joe

      Am I the only type of guy who doesn’t get the appeal? I mean, beyond the social norm of having common interests – what is the point of playing up “nerdiness?” Intelligence and the ability to converse on subjects beyond the superficial is always enlightening and interesting, but to suggest that playing RPGs and DnD and whatever else nerds do seems like a self-selecting bias that is a commercial move more than an item of genuine appeal.

      Then again, I couldn’t ever hack it into true nerd-dom, maybe I was too cliche jock.

    • Tanya

      I also consider myself a hot nerd/geek. While I am not really into the typical nerd things, I can wax poetic about Fringe mythology, often drawing up episodes by numbers, and titles. And about a myriad of other esoteric topics.

      As to why I do it, a part of me knows it appeals to guys, but the majority of it, is to flex my geek/intellectual muscle. Also, pandering to men doesn’t hold much appeal to me, as I prefer women- hot gay nerds, to be exact.

    • ciza

      I like these kind of news,