Do You Want This Weird Kate Middleton Figurine?


If yes, do you like it when people have just massively long legs? Yes? I think we all do! This figurine is part of the larger collection known as “Catherine, the Royal Bride, Fashion Figurine Collection.” A new Catherine is scheduled to come out every four weeks. Going to be so exciting! And they’re only 30 dollars each! Going to collect them all forever!

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    • tony young

      The designer of this photographic impression of the figurine has gone too far with the stretching of Kate’s legs. It probably will not be as extreme in the actual figurine.
      To see a much more realistic actual sculpture of Kate Middleton – have a look at what The UK Figurine Collective are doing. Their model, by royal sculptor John Bromley, is shown in the clay sculpture stage. There is a lot of detailed work to do still on the dress and in the finishing in general, but is is obvious that the figure is going to be an excellent piece of work.
      See it at

    • Debra Goulding

      I followed the link to the figurine Tony was talking about and it is beautiful – it is a finished piece in bone china – not a weird artist impression like the strange kate figure above. Like chalk and cheese. This John Bromley guy really has captured the moment. The piece above has merely capytured cheesiness. I am not hopeful fore the finished item – this piece was also panned in the Daily Mail – thbey got something right for once??? LOL!