Poll: Is James Middleton Gay?

Look. I don’t really care if James Middleton – seen here, blow drying his pubic hair – is gay or not. He seems very nice, and at one point, we’ve all dressed up in a French Maid outfit and simulated sex with one of our friends. That’s just what happens in a little thing called “life”. But he is gay, right? I can’t be the only one who is looking at him and thinking “that attractive young man is gay.” Apparently I’m not, because google auto-suggests “James Middleton Gay.” And, I take it back, I DO care, because I think having a gay brother-in-law might influence Prince William’s take on organizations dedicated to promoting gay rights. But you also can’t really tell by looking at someone, and this could be a really random assumption on my part. Lots of men blow dry their pubic hair! Thoughts?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Nina

      I checked out the other photos after the jump, and I think it IS just because he’s British. But not British and thus camp/possibly gay, just British and wasted at university – in my experience that’s what British guys at uni do in their spare time: get drunk, dress up and take embarrassing photos of themselves. Girls too :D

      • MNiM

        I agree. That sounds like fairly standard uni behavior for Ireland, too.

    • Eileen

      It only matters if you want to date him. Or if he wants to date you. He’s pretty cute, so I like to believe he’s straight and I have a chance…but I definitely have no idea.

    • bob
    • ellie

      He has a daughter from a -now defunct- marriage. Not that that really decides it either way.

    • Urbane

      With all the huge humand rights news, terrible financial news etc. you pea-brains wonder about James’ sexuality. Oh boy, you guize are major nutz. The World is doomed.