Vote: Lady Gaga Vs. Madonna

We’ve been sitting here, humming tunelessly, psyching ourselves up for the release of Lady Gaga’s new “Judas” music video (due out tomorrow) when we came across this post on Collectors Weekly. It helpfully points out that Lady Gaga copies just about everyone, from Popes to Replicants, who are totally real people (but better constructed!). However, Lady Gaga gives a special nod to Madonna in “Born This Way” when she mimics the high pony-tail Madonna wore on her Blonde Ambition tour. We can’t believe we never thought to compare the two style icons before. Now, we make them battle to the death. Only one can emerge victorious.

This is an extra fun battle, because Lady Gaga has been quoted as saying “It’s funny when people say they see a lot of Madonna in me. I just feel so flattered because I love her and I am just her biggest fan. She is very strong. I love the way she does interviews -you know you won’t get anything past her.”

And in my head, Madonna replies “I’ll crush you in this style icon battle, strumpet Gaga” (it’s that period where Madonna became British).

Vote to see who survives, and who we leave to the dogs.

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    • oja

      I like them both and don’t even see the need to compare them, the outfits are similar, but not so similar that Gaga just HAD to be copying Madonna (the last two images are only similar in color.)
      You could just as easily accuse Cher or Rihanna of copying Madonna.
      The costumes are just a medium; saying that anyone who wears a costume is vopying Madonna is like saying that, since Picasso used oil paint, no artist is ever allowed to use oil paint again or they will be stealing Picasso’s oil paint using idea.
      Plus, it’s not like Madonna was the first person to ever wear an eye patch, for gods sake.

      • oja

        sorry, that’s “copying” not “vopying”

    • Jamie B

      I don’t particularly like Madonna and love to work out to Gaga, so I’m biased. But why do we need to throw either one to the dogs, exactly?

    • Eileen

      I hate Gaga, except when I pretend her music is actually by Madonna. I hate the way she dresses just to get attention. I hate the way she pretends to be above all the things that worry lesser mortals. I hate the way she uses the word “retarded” to mean “stupid.” I hate the fact that she refuses to answer to her actual name anymore (“Madonna,” it should be noted, is Madonna’s legal given name. “Stefani” is Gaga’s name, but don’t call her that – she’s too cool for it and she won’t speak to you). I hate the fact that her past few singles have all sounded like absolute carbon copies of ’80s Madonna. I think she should have been thrown to the dogs a long time ago (professionally. I don’t support the actual murder of any pop singers.)

    • ratt

      what does it matter they are both untalented evil skanks who sound like bar whores on dollar shots night.

      • Lil monster Emma s

        I don’t think u should be talking, can you do better?

        Btw, you screen name is rat……

    • wow, dumbass much?

      It’s funny how people are always talking about this subject. If you were a true fan of Madonna or Gaga you would know they are really good friends and Madonna loves that Gaga is pretty much “redoing” some of Madonna’s stuff plus adding a little bit of everything else and Gaga into it. It’s for the up and coming generations. So why should everyone else care if Madonna and Gaga are loving it? It’s not your choice and no one cares to hear your opinions if you hate one or the other. If you favor one or the other that’s a different story. I favor one over the other but I also understand the whole situation unlike most people that just like to throw in what they have to say like someone cares. Listen to some interviews and read a little. Broaden your horizons and you might just get somewhere.

    • Joel F

      How can you compare the 2 artists. Madonna turned 6 year olds into dressing like whores, whereas GAGA is a pure musical machine. She writes her own music, a true artist in the purist form. GO GAGA!

      • Shelter

        Ha ha, Madonna writes 90% of her material as well, and now Gaga inspires the little girls to dress like whores, or where meat suits!

    • Joel F

      Ok, maybe not 6 year olds, Madonna did have an impact of young girls teen fashion. Madonna is an ikon, but now it is GAGA time. Somehow I get the feeling GAGA will be getting more and more popular.

    • pubis

      Hmm- hot topic hot people! Not Really! Gaga is really ugly! Like Repulsive!
      Madonna looks better- but Gaga’s music is better

      • AAWWsHIT

        looks like you got some spelling errors:let me correct them :) ahem* gaga is really ugly!Ilike repulsive..madonna looks better-*and her music is better*

    • AnotherPartOfMe

      Honestly, there’s no comparing. One is original, and the other is an exact knockoff of the original. Gaga has a pretty good voice, but her songwriting is rather obscene at times and pretty standard for today’s music. Being a superstar is not the same as being a legend. I’ll take the greatest artist as an example here: Michael Jackson. Ever since he was a kid, he’s idolized James Brown. He studied and studied him and continued to use JBs moves as a member of the J5, but when his solo career started, he literally went “Off the Wall”. He developed something unique. Every record was gold. Just his voice on its own made every song unmatchable, and don’t even get me started on his dancing and tours. Totally different from where he started with James Brown. Michael is the definition of legend. And as for Madonna, she’s a staple in 80′s music. I admire Gaga’s ability to express herself, but that’s all I can say.

    • Silvas

      Madonna a fucking old lady.GAGA awesome.gaga gaga ula ula la la.madonna should be dead.

    • Lilith

      The only thing Madonna has got going for her is TIME. Her voice sucks, she’s conceited, and doesn’t relate to her fans anything like Lady Gaga. Give Gaga some more time, and people will forget about Madonna. It’s like comparing Lil’ Kim to Nicki Minaj: out with the old & lame, in with the new. Too bad Madonna had no class to take it all in stride… the only thing Lady Gaga has shown her is admiration; Madonna has only been a jealous, talentless whore. Her time is over.

      • AAWWsHIT

        wtf? you mean gaga is jealous of madonna cause madonna was famous sonce the 80s she is better oh and lay off the crack :)

    • AAWWsHIT

      its obvious that madonna is a lot better..gaga is good but not as madonna :) and fuck you to all trolls who are pissed of cause shes not dead yet..gaga is just a freak…gay soldiers in her music video (alejandro),dances as a cripple dressed as a knight (paparazi) while madonna has a smooth and nice voice..and her music videos are featured with cool singers such as mia and nicki minaj…madonna is the true queen of pop..and michael jackson is the king of pop…the prince of pop still unknown :)

    • erty

      Madonna never had a style. She picked out emerging trends put forth by designers. She followed trends and in turn people would follow her.

      Gaga has no connection with any established trend or designer. She makes her own costumes (literally) based on whatever inspires her.