Gallery: A Housewife’s Joy

At, the question has been posed as to whether you, the reader, would want  to immediately become a housewife after you get married, like Kate Middleton. It might get boring, the writer opines, especially in Kate’s case, where there are people to do everything around the house that might have otherwise occupied you.

Well, if that writer doesn’t want to be a housewife, I’ll take it on for her. Let’s assume that we’re talking about a housewife of Princess Catherine’s stature — here are some things you could do to pass the time and bring yourself some joy:

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    • MNiM

      I’d really like for this to spur a conversation about how much unpaid labour is still labour.

      Because it’s very easy to point out that she’s not exactly a housewife: a) in all likelihood, pretty soon she’s going to be doing lots of Royal Family gigs, and b) all the household tasks, possibly including managing the staff, will be done by others.

      That may not be true at the moment — if he’s still actively in the military, they’re probably in base housing or whatever, and maybe she is doing regular housewifey stuff for the moment. But given how soon a) above is probably going to kick in, it’s not necessarily a good time to start a new job, especially since there’s a good chance she’s already training to do the one she’s just got.

      Also, seriously, in this economy, how can anyone who needs a job complain that a very rich woman isn’t taking up a job someone else could have? Especially given that she’d pretty much have to be taking it for show, to demonstrate how down to earth she is, given how many Royal Family gigs members of the royal family do annually, at least some of which she’s going to be expected to help with?

    • Christina

      Actually it’s not “princess Catherine” because the title only precedes the given name if you were born a princess. She’s a princess through marriage, therefore she’s referred to as “Catherine, princess of Whatever”.

      • Christina

        Apparently her current official title is “Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge”.

    • Eileen

      The twitter one is my favorite.

    • Megan

      At the moment, William and Catherine are living in a four-bedroom house with no servants. They never had then and from all I have read, plan to stay that way. I’m sure Kate will have plenty to do in terms of royal appearances, but for now, she doesn’t have someone to do the dishes while she shops. Not that that’s a tough gig, either (I was a housewife before I had my kid, and well, let’s just say I got really good at Angry Birds), but it’s not as though she’s languishing on fur couches while a servant brushes her teeth for her.

    • Dove

      I’m going to be a houswife this summer, because we’re moving to where my Grad School is in June, but classes don’t start until Sept. I have NO plans to work, because luckily for me my husband will be earning enough, and I plan to enjoy every second of housewifey time.

      I’m pretty sure by the time classes start I’ll be ready to blow my brains out from boredom though. Because we’ll be in a one-bedroom and have no kids, so there’s not much to do……